Wood stoves for your main heat source

Burning wood is one of the oldest ways we have kept warm.  Humans have been burning wood in caves and other abodes since the beginning.  Maybe this is one of the reasons burning wood is still very popular even as a primary source of heat.

Steel or Cast iron stove

You have many options of wood burning stoves available today.  You can select different sizes, designs, efficiencies, colors and materials.  If you plan to heat your home with a wood burning stove 24/7 for the winter you need to carefully consider your choices, especially material.   The main options for wood stoves are steel or cast iron.

Maintenance of Cast Iron

Electric FireplaceBoth cast iron and steel should last 10 years or more.  Cast iron has benefits of being more decorative and retaining its heat for longer after the fire has died down, but will require more maintenance than a steel stove.  The cement and gaskets in a cast iron stove will require replacing on regular basis.  Steel stoves are made of sheet steel bent and welded so you do not have these maintenance issues.  If you are intending to burn your stove all day and night for the winter it may be better to install a steel stove over cast.

Soapstone Stoves

Soap stone stoves are another good option for the 24/7 burner.  The heavy soapstone does take longer to heat up but once at temperature will remain warm for longer with less fluctuation than the steel or cast stove.  Soapstone stoves are mostly composite using cast and or plate steel also, so check the manufactures recommended maintenance for any unit you look at.

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