Wicker Outdoor Furniture

When most people say wicker they think of the white painted paper based woven stuff that baby carriages were made out of. Wicker has been popular for making furniture since the times of the Egyptians. It has recently regained popularity as part of the Arts and Crafts movement at the turn of the 20th century. Wicker has expanded to so much more then that though. Wicker is technically the process of making the furniture. Wicker just means it is woven. This can now be done on a machine that was in essence a loom. Marshall Burns Lloyd who founded the company that would become Lloyd Flanders started this process. Wicker can be made of many things though. The kind most people think of is actually paper mache wrapped around a metal wire. This is often termed original loom. Wicker now is made widely by rattan and bamboo too. These two processes are called natural wicker. Natural wicker unlike original loom wicker is not suitable for outdoor use. The use of resin (plastic) has become popular for the use of making wicker furniture. Resin can be stored outside like original loom wicker, but unlike original loom wicker it does need to be repainted.

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