What do babies have to do with outdoor Furniture?

How did wicker furniture become popularized?

When people think wicker they have in their mind the product of Lloyd Flanders.

An old wicker sofa

Wicker sofa

Marshall Burns Lloyd started Lloyd Flanders in 1917 when he patented a way of using a loom machine to weave the wicker for his furniture. Before he started using this technique on furniture he was making the famous Lloyd baby carriages. From the baby carriages he expanded onto the outdoor furniture we see today.

This furniture is still made where it has been since the beginning, which is Menominee, Michigan where the plant has stood since 1906. You can find Lloyd Flanders all over the US and the world, including the exclusive outdoor furniture at Buckingham Palace, the White House Rose Garden, and the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw, Michigan.

Indoor/outdoor wicker

These days a most wicker furniture is made from resin to emulate the original wicker. If a piece of furniture could talk I imagine that some pieces of Lloyd Flanders would have some things to say.

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