What Should Be Inside Your Indoor Fireplace Kit?

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The cozy and homely atmosphere of a masonry indoor fireplace cannot be equalled by other heating appliances which only serve aesthetic purposes. However, the cost of installing one could be the limiting factor to a lot of homeowners. Why not consider installing a unit on your own using an indoor fireplace kit?

Indoor Fireplace Kit – The Economical Alternative

Putting on your do-it-yourself apron will help to bring down the expenses of installing a masonry fireplaces since you can slash the usual labor expenses. This could potentially bring you 50 percent savings compared to buying an actual fireplace. The indoor fireplace kit will equip you with all that you would need in installing a durable fireplace at home. Let us take a look inside this kit.

Indoor Fireplace Kit Inventory

The Main Characters. When constructing a masonry fireplace, the main components playing the lead roles are the firebox and the smoke chamber. These are technical parts without which, your fireplace cannot function. The performance of your masonry fireplace will depend on how these parts are properly installed, so pay attention when handling these.

The Supporting Cast. To support the firebox and smoke chamber in completing a masonry fireplace, the DIY kit also includes the damper, firebricks, lining for the firebox and ample supply of cement dry mix. You will need all these to form your fireplace. To hold the components together, handling dowels are also included in the kit.

The Script. To guide you in installing your masonry fireplace, the typical indoor fireplace kit comes inclusive of a step-by-step guide.

Things To Consider That Cannot Be Found In An Indoor Fireplace Kit

Before installing your fireplace yourself, always bear in mind a very critical factor to consider: the fireplace must have a stable foundation especially since masonry fireplaces are solid and heavy. On top of its beefy weight, it also carries fire and glowing coals that are potentially dangerous if the foundation collapses or if it falls through the floor. This partly dictates where you position your fireplace.

Installing a fireplace kit is easy. All you need is read and follow the guide well and some experience with a number of basic tools, then you can have a fireplace glowing in your home in a matter of hours. If you have the skill of an experienced mason, then you may just be able to cement the fireplace together using the kit in about an hour.

An indoor fireplace kit is helpful in making the task of a DIY-er easy and less costly. Although less expensive, always keep it a priority to make quality product by avoiding short cuts that can potentially lead to problems and disasters.

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