What Makes Indoor Electric Fireplaces Electrifying

An Electric fireplace.

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The 1990‘s ushered in a new breed of fireplaces, indoor electric fireplaces. Because they can easily fit and be installed anywhere, they were widely accepted by homeowners. Indoor electric fireplaces, along with other types of modern fireplaces, continue to displace traditional wood fireplaces especially in modern homes because they provide benefits that appease the needs of a modern home and the breakneck modern day lifestyle.

The Electrifying Side of Indoor Electric Fireplaces

Versatility and Portability. As earlier mentioned, indoor electric fireplaces are handy and can be positioned anywhere since it does not require a chimney and flue or gas pipelines and venting system. All you need is a conventional electric outlet and you just plug it in like any other appliance. You can have them in your living room, bedroom, kitchen or even in your porch. They are also perfect for commercial high rise buildings, nurseries and nursing homes. Indoor electric fireplaces can also be engineered using a variety of materials to match your home furnishing.

Convenience and Virtually Maintenance-Free. With indoor electric fireplaces, there are no ashes and flues to clean, no wood to chop and keep and no smoke to deal with. You get instant warmth with just a flick of the power button.

Affordability. The portability of indoor fireplaces makes installation cost virtually nil. No special installation requirements are needed, hence, the cost you only have to pay for is the price of the actual electric fireplace and the cost of electricity. Electric consumption is minimal even when the heat setting is turned on.

The Bone-Chilling Side of Indoor Electric Fireplaces

Dependence On Electricity. Just like any other product, indoor electric fireplaces also have their share of handicaps. One of which is that it cannot run without electricity. Power outages may be rare but imagine if a calamity, like a tornado, cuts off power supply. How will you keep your family warm? Consider setting a backup fireplace that is not run by electricity.

Lukewarmness. Not all indoor electric fireplaces can provide the warmth that you may be looking for. Some are useful as decorative fireplaces only that can provide more ambience than actual warmth. If warmth is an important consideration for you, look for a model that can really provide it.

Nothing Like Real Fire. Over the years, technology has improved the look and feel of non-traditional wood fireplaces. But still, nothing beats the real thing, not even indoor electric fireplaces.

Indoor electric fireplaces are sought by homeowners because of their, ease of use, portability and versatility, and affordability, but some may not consider it because of its dependence on electricity, lukewarmness and the inferiority of the look and feel they create when compared to traditional fireplaces.

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