What’s Cool and What’s Not With An Infinity Pool


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Taking A Plunge Into The Infinity Pool

An infinity pool, also known as negative edge pool, is a swimming pool designed to create an illusion of stretching into the horizon. If you stand at certain points, this pool will appear to extend on infinitely, thus, its name. Infinity pools are strategically positioned in such a way that they look like they merge with a bigger body of water or the horizon. That is why, they are often constructed next to the sea, ocean, or a cliff, in many luxury resorts. A number of wealthy homeowners also opt to build this type of pool in their luxury homes.

What’s Cool About A Negative Edge Pool

Besides the breathtaking optical illusion that gives a refreshing view, a negative edge pool also conjures a sensational chimera. Imagine yourself swimming in the deep waves of the ocean. This is the illusion that an infinity pool constructed beside the ocean gives. Visualize yourself swimming towards the edge of the world. This is what an infinity pool positioned on the edge of a cliff evokes, giving the swimmer a thrill. These awesome fancy effects are what make a negative edge pool cool.

What’s Not Cool About An Infinity Pool

Entails Intricate Construction. This type of pool requires no less than great expertise in construction. Its construction still applies the same fundamental concepts as those with the standard pool, but extra care must be taken when handling the “infinite” edge, which is really below the water level to enable water to flow over it and into a conduit that collects water and sends it back into the pool. To add to the intricacy is when the designer custom designs the shape and positioning of the pool.

Requires Picturesque Scenery. You cannot just build an infinity pool anywhere you like. To be successful in conjuring spectacular effect, it must be situated somewhere with a view of a scenic horizon. Otherwise, you may end up drawing the eye into an empty lot, a privacy fence, or the roof of your neighbor’s house. The landscaper must work hand in hand with the contractor to design a magnificent backdrop.

More Expensive to Build Compared to Other Types of Pool. Owing to the complexity and special requirements in building this type of pool, it costs more than the ordinary pool. However, there are pool builders that have established standardized pool designs for this particular pool to make them more available to ordinary customers.

Expensive to Maintain Due to Water Requirements. This type of pool is not just costly to build, it is also expensive to maintain because of its water requirements. Any pool requires thousands of gallons of water to fill it. And it has to be refilled periodically to replace the water lost to evaporation. While other types of pools can be covered with a tarp to preserve about 95 percent of water, infinity pools cannot be covered due to its design.

Not So Friendly to the Environment. Besides consuming so much water, tree huggers frown on infinity pools because it also consumes additional energy to circulate the water that spills from the “edge” back to the pool. Additionally, it also misses another advantage of tarps besides the prevention of evaporation, that is, heat preservation. This adds to the already inflated energy consumption of infinity pools.

It also poses as a threat to the environment when it is not built properly, which could trigger disastrous landslides or hill erosion, although this effect may take some time to occur. When a swimmer enters the pool, it displaces water which is collected into the weir. When a lot of swimmers are in the pool, or if the size of the weir is too small to collect all the displaced water, the water will overflow over the edge. And because most of these pools are positioned on a hill or edge of a cliff, the water streams into the land. Eventually, this land will give in to this excessive and unnatural water resulting in undermined surface of the hill.

An infinity pool echoes the refreshing grandeur of nature; however, incorrect construction may lead to endangering the very natural wonder that it is attempting to mirror. So weigh the pros and cons before constructing one.

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