Unique Swimming Pool Designs You Will Love

swimming pool designs

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Cool Swimming Pool Designs

What is the perfect way to relax during the hottest days of summer? Eat ice cream? No. Chill out at the mall or a bar? No. The best way to relax and cool down during hot weathers is to soak in a gorgeous and cold swimming pool. Swimming pools are the perfect companion for any type of home. They do not only serve as a recreation area but also a timeless decoration. Are you planning to add a swimming pool in your home? Well, do not just settle for the usual, boring, rectangular swimming pool design. Check out these unique swimming pool designs we found and consider adding one of them to your home.

5 Refreshing Swimming Pool Designs


Among swimming pool designs, this is the one intended for bigger homes or high-rise buildings. As the name suggests, this type of pool has a good part of it hanging from the top floor. With only transparent glass encasing the pool, it will feel as if you are swimming in the air. You can swim and relax while still being conscious of your surroundings. A pretty nifty idea, won’t you say?


Transparent swimming pool designs are both elegant and advantageous. For this design, the idea is basically to use a transparent bottom. This is great if you are adding the pool in the second floor or if you have a basement floor. In this sense, your pool will not just be a relaxation area but also a source of light during the day since sunlight can easily pass through its glass floor.

Animals and Objects

What is your favorite thing? How about your favorite animal? Wouldn’t it be fun if your swimming pool is shaped like your favorite animal or item? Guitars, bunnies, turtles, cars, basketball, and more—all of these can be great swimming pool designs!


Water in swimming pools is generally static. It just sits in the container, not moving unless you start swimming, disturbing and splashing the water. If you want your pool to be a nice decoration and relaxation area, it is best to spice it up by adding some waves. This will require more preparation and if possible a bigger pool area. You will also have to pick a suitable wave maker or machine to generate the wave.


If your pool area is relatively big, you might want to set up “islands.” When it comes to swimming pool designs, this one exudes a tropical feel the most. In the island, or islands, you will set up, you can either put plants or recliners with accompanying tents. Nothing else can make you feel as if you are in your own private hotel than that.

Swimming pool designs are generally dull, but certainly no one is saying you should stick with those kinds. Make your swimming pool stand out by being unique and trying any of the cool designs we looked at today.

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