Types of Pool Floats and Their Different Uses

Pool Floats

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Drift Across Your Pool With Pool Floats

Pool floats are a fun addition to your swimming pool. These are floating mats made of various materials, either buoyant or inflatable, such as plastic, rubber, canvas PVC, inner tire, foams, and boards. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes, designs and specific functions, although all of them are basically used to float in the pool, lake, ocean, and other bodies of water. Some provide comfort and relaxation while you sit or lie down as the pool toy floats, while some aid you in floating as you move or swim around the pool. Some of the types of floatation devices are briefly discussed below.

Swim Into The Wide Selection of Pool Floats

Canvas Pool Floats are like beanbags that float. They are constructed out of marine grade, canvas like fabric that contain buoyant beads. This type of float hugs your body as you sit on or lie down in it, just like a bean bag. The nice thing about it is it can be used even out of the water.

Foam Pool Floats are made of closed cell foam, a light and dense foam that is always buoyant.

Floating Pool Chairs allow you to float in a seated position. They are built of closed cell foam, and plastic buoys or inflatable buoys. You can sit on one of these like your royal throne in the pool.

Inflatable Pool Floats are one of the pioneers in the business of flotation, whether used in the pool, oceans or rivers, and are still widely available. They are made of heavy gauge vinyl.

Inner Tubes are round doughnut-shaped floats that are patterned after the inner tubes of tires, and are usually made of synthetic resin vinyl. Its shape allows you to sit or lie above it or you can slip inside the hole in the middle while you rest your arms upon it as your feet tread water.

Vinyl Rafts are one of the most common forms of pool floats. You can find these rafts in various colors, shapes and sizes. You can often see rectangular rafts that work well as floating mattresses or lounge chairs in many pools. They are one of the most relaxing types of pool floats, with some versions furnished with frills such as built in cup holders, arm rests and head pillows.

Noodles, also called water logs, are made of closed cell foam and come in different colors, lengths and thickness. Closed cell foam is flexible, hence you can bend the noodles into various shapes without breaking them. What makes them different from the some other inflatable pool floats, like rafts and tubes, is that they do not burst. This is because noodles store air inside an assortment of pores rather than single or dual chambers that most other inflatables have.

Floaties, also called water wings or swimmies, are just mini inner tubes, but instead of fitting them around your body, you fit them around your upper arms. They are especially useful for beginners in swimming. Floaties can also be found in some swim suits that are intended for new swimmers. Parents or guardians must always remember though that these are not safety devices, hence children must still be constantly supervised even if floaties are around their arms already.

There can be an infinite combinations of shapes, designs, colors, sizes, functions and materials for pool floats. In the future, new materials may be used to make better floats or new technology may lead to the invention of avant-garde flotation devices.

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