Top Cleaning Tips To Keep Your Pool Table In Excellent Condition

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Today, a lot of families are investing in in-home games. Perhaps it is because having your own pool table not only saves you a lot of money from pricey pool halls and arcades. It can also offer you fun and entertainment and bring home the party,  too.

If you’re thinking of investing in one, it is worth learning a few things beforehand. Pool tables used to be 10 ft long decades ago. Professional or standard tournaments are usually played on 9ft x 4.5ft tables, but the Billiard Congress of America (BCA) rules allow tournaments to be played on any pool table as long as it is twice as long as it is wide. It is said that the larger the playing field is on a pool table, the more challenging the pool game becomes. The standard pool table size most people have in their homes are 8ft x 4ft.  Bar pool tables  are 7ft long by 3.5ft wide. Note that the dimensions given above are the playing field or area inside the cushions and do not include the outside parameters.

Pool Table Dimensions And Clearance

There are 3 common pool table sizes but room size should be a major consideration when choosing a pool table. It is important to ensure that you follow the table dimensions and room size to experience an unimpeded play.

Table Dimension –     Playing Surface –   Minimum Room Size
7ft X 3.5ft                     –     39.5in X 79in             –   16ft 8in X 13 ft  6in
8ft X 4 ft                        –     44in X 88in                  –   17ft 4in X 13ft 11in
9ft X 4.5ft                      –     50in X 100in             –   18ft 4 in X 14ft 6in

Care And Maintenance Of The Pool Table

Taking care of your pool table is not only observed when using it,  but also when you store it when it is not in use. Playing pool requires accessories such as chalk and powder which can inevitably get onto the table’s felt covering. It is therefore important to clean your pool at the end of the day to maintain it. However, improper cleaning can shorten the life and possibly damage your table felt. Knowing the proper way of cleaning your pool table will not only keep your table looking good but help it last for many years.

Below are tips on how to maintain your pool table in top shape.

First of all, it is important to identify the direction of the grain of your table cloth.  As a general rule, whenever you clean the table, always go in the direction of the grain.

Brushing the cloth of the table should be done only once every two weeks, or even once a month.  Always go with the grain of the cloth when brushing. Going against the grain can damage the cloth and wear it out quicker. The brush has longer bristles designed specifically to enable brushing out of the corners of the table while center bristles are shorter to enable you to brush off the bumper railings of the table.

When vacuuming the table cloth, again, you want to go with the grain of the cloth. Set the vacuum cleaner on the lowest suction setting. Do not use any attachments from the vacuum to clean the cloth as this may tear and damage the cloth.

Set iron on low to medium.  Do not use the steam option. Again, iron along with the grain of the cloth. Only on the flat surface of the pool table cloth should be ironed. Never iron the cloth on the railings or it can damage the wood.

Maintaining The Wood Of The Pool Table

Every three months or so, assess the appearance of the wood if it needs repolishing. Apply a high quality wood polish only when necessary. Any more than that will make the wood look dull because of wood polish buildup.

Maintaining The Leather On The Pool Table

Apply leather polish about every six to seven months to keep the leather sections of the table clean and well-maintained. Make sure that leather polish is only applied to the sections of leather that do not come into contact with the billiard balls such as the pockets where the billiard balls fall.

Storing The Pool Table

Prevention is always better than the cure. Always place the pool table cover over the table when not in use to keep it from dirt, dust, liquid, and any other substances that can damage it, especially when you have children around.

A pool table can be expensive so that you would want to keep them in great shape and looking good.  A well-maintained pool table is sure to last  and bring you many years of great fun.

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