Tips On Properly Maintaining An Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace

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The Dangers of An Improperly Maintained Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Do you take pains in properly cleaning and maintaining your indoor wood burning fireplace? Homeowners must realize that wood burning fireplaces and stoves are one of the main causes of domestic fires all over the country. These unwanted blazes can be due either to the neglect and improper maintenance of the chimney or the improper installation of the heating appliance. Although a chimney fire may not necessarily raze your home, it can still wreck your place and leave a stench that can persist for quite some time.

Besides fire and smoke, an indoor wood burning fireplace that is not well taken care of may also be a health hazard to your household. Lousy ventilation, for instance due to a clogged chimney, hampers carbon monoxide from being eliminated from the house. Inhalation of this toxic gas may lead to health problems with symptoms that include nausea, headache, fatigue and depression. Installing at least two smoke detectors can warn you of the presence of this gas. Place one near the fireplace or furnace and the other by the bedrooms.

Fire Prevention Tips For Your Indoor Wood Burning Fireplace

Regularly inspect and clean your chimney. Clear your flue from obstacles, like bird nests and branches and trees that may extend over the chimney. Regular maintenance and inspection must also include the indoor wood burning fireplace itself. Have it checked by a professional who can warn you of loose mortar or cracks that can cause accidents if not attended to. Cleaning the fireplace can prevent chimney fires and polluting the indoor air.

Remember that fire must be contained within the confines of the fireplace. Remove the clutter lying around the area surrounding the indoor wood burning fireplace to prevent debris from fueling the fire to extend areas that should not be on fire.

Employ a fireplace screen as cover and see to it that the damper is open while fire is ablaze. When the fire has been put out, close the damper to preserve heat. Never go to bed without putting out the fire. Do not leave it unattended.

Use the appropriate fuel for your fire. Hardwood firewood like ash, hickory, cedar and oak are generally used. Use seasoned wood on a fireplace grate if possible. Avoid loading too many logs on your indoor wood burning fireplace so that you do not waste fuel, or worse, cause your chimney to crack. Read and heed instructions when utilizing fire logs. Putting them on a fireplace grate will optimize their performance. Always keep a fire extinguisher handy and periodically inspect smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

An indoor wood burning fireplace can make our stay at home warm and cozy; but its improper maintenance could lead to discomfort, sickness, or worse, loss of a home, hence, heeding these tips can serve homeowners well.

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