Tips on Installing or Replacing Pool Liners

Pool liners

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Pool liners are the most essential part of above-ground pools. Without its liner, you cannot go swimming on your above ground pool. This main part of the pool is a huge vinyl bag engineered to contain water within the confines of the frame of the pool. A problem in this part of the pool translates to an unusable pool. Installing a liner on an above ground pool can be exasperating. Proper care must be observed when installing one to prevent damaging the vinyl. To help you in installing or replacing a your pool’s liner, follow these essential tips.

Before Installing Pool Liners on New Above Ground Pools

Before you can install a pool liner on your new above ground pool, you should have already finished making the cove. This is a wedge of sand that secures the liner so that it will not slip under the pool wall. It also serves as protective layer between the liner and the metal frame of the swimming pool. You may also opt to use a pre-formed foam to serve the same purpose.

Before Replacing Pool Liners in Existing Pools

If you are faced with the task of replacing the pool liner of your existing pool, it is critical for you to first check the cove to determine if you need to rebuild it, and do so if indeed needed.

“Unboxing” Pool Liners

When unpacking pool liners from their boxes, extra care must be done since they are very fragile. Avoid using a sharp object to open the box. When spreading the liner out, clear the ground of any sharp items that can perforate it. Inspect for any tears or holes and check the seams to ensure that they are appropriately sealed. You do not want to have already filled the pool only to find out that the pool liner has a defect, do you? Hence, it is crucial that you inspect it thoroughly.

Prepping Pool Liners for Installation

If the pool liner is free from damage, unfurl it under the sun to warm up the vinyl. This will make it more flexible and easier to set up. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions on how to prepare the liner for installation and how to properly install it. Find out how the skimmer and return holes must be punched out. Note that pool liners for above ground pools are not designed to sustain any weight of the water so position it in such a way that it is fully supported by the ground in all areas. If installation is done properly, you will find any air space between the ground and the liner, and there should be no downward pressure on the pool liner. Check the owner’s manual on how to hang the liner on the pool wall as this will vary depending on the style of the liner, whether overlap, j-hook, or beaded.

Handling Pool Liners

Additional material is provided for as allowance in case of liner shrinkage. It is normal for the material of the liner to shrink, in fact, it unavoidable. Give the floor of the liner a gentle push toward the wall to level it off. Never drag, pulll or stretch the liner or you may ruin it.

Wrinkles can result from air between the liner and the wall of the above ground pool. Minimize this by inserting a vacuum hose through the skimmer hole in the pool wall at the back of the liner. Make it airtight using masking tape and cardboard around the skimmer hole and vacuum hose. Run the vacuum and carefully adjust the liner while the vacuum is turned on. If there are areas where the liner is hard to adjust, occasionally turn the vacuum off.

You can allow the vacuum to continue operating while filling the pool, however, make sure that the hose is above water level all throughout. Fill your above ground pool using an ordinary garden hose or you can employ the service of a water truck for faster filling. Inspect for levelness before the depth of the water exceeds one inch. Pull the liner back and level the ground if water accumulates to one side. Once it becomes level, proceed with filling and adjust the liner.

Above ground pools are rendered useless without pool liners, or if the liners are defective. Proper handling and installation of the liners is, thus, important to enjoy a well-functioning swimming pool.

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