The Versatility of Indoor Outdoor Fireplaces

Austin Stone Fireplace

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Indoor Outdoor Fireplaces Warm Gatherings In Living Rooms Or Porches

The warmth and beautiful glow of a fireplace can draw a family together. Because of this, fireplaces have been part of many family gatherings. But what if you want your family to lounge outdoors? Will you also be installing an outdoor fireplace for such occasions? How would you like to have a fireplace that you can use to warm and set the ambiance of your living room at the same time have an outdoor fireplace that you can use to warm your outdoor gatherings in one installation? Consider indoor outdoor fireplaces.

The Oddity of Indoor Outdoor Fireplaces

A few years ago, indoor outdoor fireplaces were rocket science to many and even seemed preposterous to some fireplace masonry experts. Some think it can be done but are worried about the potential problems concerning security and insulation. But the Twilight II and The Magic Of The Gathering indoor outdoor fireplaces prove them wrong.

The First Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Of the few indoor outdoor fireplaces in the market, the Twilight II is the first of its kind in the world. Because it is partly an outdoor fireplace, it has been weather-tested and hurricane-rated. This vent-free fireplace has a sealed combustion chamber and black exterior front. It boasts of the patented IntellFire ignition system that makes turning it on as easy as pie. While you may think it serves dual purpose, you are mistaken. It actually provides three functions. It is an indoor fireplace, an outdoor fireplace and can also serve as a window.

The Magical Indoor Outdoor Fireplaces

Another contender in the indoor outdoor fireplaces product category is The Magic of the Gathering Indoor Outdoor fireplace. This wall-mounted indoor outdoor fireplace is built of high-grade steel that is available in three finishes: Polished, black or copper. This ventless fireplace runs on gel fuels with no emissions or smell and is easily maintained as it does not produce smoke or ashes and has no flue that needs to be cleaned periodically. Should you run out of gel fuel, this versatile fireplace is equipped with inserts where candles can be utilized in place of the gel fuel canisters. To make it more versatile, this indoor outdoor fireplace is designed to be portable and easy to install so that it can easily be transferred from one location to another. One thing you should keep in mind when installing this fireplace is not to mount it on paneled walls or walls covered with wallpapers.

Indoor outdoor fireplaces can easily become interesting conversation pieces not only because they  appear to be the focal point in rooms and spaces, but especially because their versatility makes them uncommon, hence, sparking curiosity.

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