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Pools are great spots for bonding and having fun with the family. Not only can it offer so much fun, it also provides an avenue for relaxation and exercise and to party. And because pools are expensive to build, pool owners must make it a point to maintain it and beautify it in order to enhance the pool experience. If this is your first time to own a pool, no need to worry because Leslie Pools has everything that you need.

Pool accessories are one of the things that pool owners must have in order to ensure a great time in the sun. Whether it is a pool slide or floats, accessories are a great thing to own if one has a swimming pool. Accessories can be anything from the vital pieces of equipment such as pool motors and heating systems to the not-so-vital items like diving board covers and floating coolers for your loved ones and guests.

What Pool Accessories and Supplies Can You Find at Leslie Pools?

One of the best places to look for pool supplies and accessories is on the Internet.  Leslie Pools has world-wide retail shops that specialize in various supplies and accessories for pools from solar blankets, water tank slides, ladders, swimming pool lighting, alarms, and a whole array of play items. With more than 500 retail locations, what you’re looking for can definitely be found on Leslie Pools.
Name it, Leslie Pools has it all. From pool chemicals,  automatic pool cleaners,  cleaning attachments, pumps & motors,  filters & filter supplies, salt systems,  heating/solar/cooling systems and even pool furniture, Leslie Pools is the ultimate store for your pool needs.

How to Cut Down on Pool Maintenance Costs

There is nothing nicer than having your own pool, but maintenance costs could sometimes be burdensome.  Water evaporation accounts for 70% of total energy lost in both outdoor and indoor pools so that 1 to 1 1/2 inches of water is lost per week, according to the Department of Energy. This can equate to 600 gallons of water or more per week.  And as the water evaporates, so does your heat and pool chemical.  No reason to feel overwhelmed though, because there are measures that could help you address in minimizing the costs of pool maintenance.
Below are energy-saving tips to minimize maintenance costs.

•    Cover your pool when not in use.
This is the single most important step to reduce energy costs. Covering your pool reduces evaporation of chemicals and prevents dirt and debris to get into your pool, thus reducing your maintenance costs.  Also, a colored cover will also help you reduce heating costs by heating your pool through the solar energy.

•    Turn down the pool heater when the pool is not in use.
To reduce energy costs, you can also turn down the temperature down just one degree. Recommended temperatures are 82 to 84 degrees for recreational swimming or 78 to 80 degrees for active swimming.

•    Seasonal Savings
Take advantage of seasonal changes in temperature. Algae and bacteria do not multiply as fast when pool water is cold. This means that you can do away with running your pool pump less during the winter months than during the summer months.

•    Reduce filter operating times.
Reduce annual electric consumption by 40 to 50 percent by reducing filter times to four hours per day during the summer and two to three hours per day during the winter.

Owning a swimming pool is one of the greatest rewards that you can probably give yourself and your family, especially on hot summer days and everyone would want to dip in the refreshing cool waters of the pool.  But the fun doesn’t just stop there. You can take your pool experience a notch further by setting up the ultimate pool experience only Leslie Pools can provide. So take care of your pool and you would be assured of many more years of fun and enjoyment.

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