5 Points To Consider When Buying Pool Tables

Pool Tables That Can Outlive You Good quality pool tables are great additions to homes that can be enjoyed by several generations in the family. With proper use and care, it can weather many years of family recreation and bonding. Extra care must be taken when buying a pool table to make the appropriate choice…. Read More

Slate Pool Tables

slate pool table

Slate For Pool Tables Slate is a fine grained, homogenous, foliated rock derived from a shale type sedimentary rock composed through low grade metamorphism. Due to it’s thermal stability and chemical inertness, slate is the most common item used for the playing surface of the modern pool table. Slate is mined or quarried out of… Read More

American Pool Tables

american pool table

Pool Tables A pool table can be a beautiful and exciting edition to any home or game room. Not only are there different styles and sizes, but they are also designed and assembled in all different parts of the world. Different countries play different rules than other areas and play on tables that may be… Read More

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