Pool Pump Essentials – Great Savings With Proper Selection And Maintenance

Filling the swimming pool with water is not the be-all and end-all of it. It requires maintenance just like any other investment. Having an efficient pool pump is one of the most important tools of swimming pool maintenance because it helps keep the water clean and crystal clear. A stagnant pool leads to the growth… Read More

How To Keep Down Energy and Water Consumption When Maintaining Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools Can Beat The Environment While Beating The Summer Heat As the summer season continues to sizzle, swimming pools are one of the hot places that most people would want to go to or hang around to trounce the punishing heat. More often than not, people are not mindful of the effects of these… Read More

How Long Should Pool Pumps Run In A Day?

Running and maintaining a swimming pool can be a burden to the pocket. There is a laundry list of expenses associated with maintaining a pool. Its installation alone exacts a considerable sum of money. This cost includes the accessories needed for a well-maintained pool such as pool pump, filter and cover. You have to pay… Read More

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