3 Kinds of Pool Filters

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Maintain Your Backyard Oasis With Pool Filters As a pool owner, you must know that you can use any of the filter systems offered in the market to properly maintain your backyard oasis. This post briefly discusses Cartridge, Diatomaceous Earth (DE) and Sand pool filters to help you decide which type to use. Types of… Read More

Choosing The Best Pool Chemicals

pool chemicals

Undeniably, swimming pools are facilities that can offer alternative avenues  for relaxation and enjoyment. As a pool owner, maintaining pool water that is fit for swimming any time of the day is essential. However, sanitizing pool water takes more than just changing water regularly. It should be properly treated with the required pool chemicals. What… Read More

How To Keep Down Energy and Water Consumption When Maintaining Swimming Pools

Swimming Pools Can Beat The Environment While Beating The Summer Heat As the summer season continues to sizzle, swimming pools are one of the hot places that most people would want to go to or hang around to trounce the punishing heat. More often than not, people are not mindful of the effects of these… Read More

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