Pool Cleaner – Which Cleaner Should You Choose

A pool cleaner is an important tool for the swimming pool. The water in the pool needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it safe for swimming. The pool water is not the only aspect of the swimming pool that needs to be cleaned regularly. The sidings of the pool and the… Read More

Polaris Pool Cleaner – The Ultimate Pool Cleaner

Swimming pools no doubt provide great fun and entertainment especially during summers. They also provide us an excellent way to exercise. However, cleaning and maintaining pools is anything but fun and not the least entertaining. Getting your pool cleaned by professionals can be quite expensive, too. Thankfully, a range of Polaris Pool Cleaner offers you… Read More

Keeping Your Swimming Pool Water Sparkling Clean With Pool Cleaners

The Dawn of Pool Cleaners In 1951, a hydraulics engineer from Belgian Congo, Ferdinand Chauvier, invented a pool vacuum cleaner, equipment that collects garbage and sediment in the swimming pool with minimum human intervention. Finally in 1974, Chauvier was able to finish his first automatic pool cleaner and marketed this product under the name Creepy… Read More

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