Steve Mizerak and His Tables

Who is Steve Mizerak?

Steve Mizerak, New Jersey’s billiard hero, was one of the greatest pool players ever and was especially famous for skill in the billiard game of 14.1 continuous. He was made famous outside the billiard world and community for the popular and humorous Miller Lite ad in the ad in the 80’s in which he stated you can “really work up a thirst even when you’re just showing off,” and also had a role as an actor in the popular billiard movie “Color of Money” with Tom Cruise and Paul Newman. Steve died a couple years ago on May 29th 2006 at the age of 61. Like many pool playing greats from the fictional Minnesota Fats to Murray to Mosconi, (what is it with great pool players last names starting in M?) Steve licensed and put his name on a popular brand of pool tables before he died.

Mizerak Pool Tables: The Table For Starters

While Steve Mizerak unlike some pool players neither designed the tables nor owned the company that made the tables with his name on them he was the spokeman for Mizerak billiard tables and believed in their business model that by using space age materials you could make a cheaper table. The billiard tables with the name Mizerak on them are a perfect table for the person who wants a table in there home but are unsure if they are going to keep the table with them if they move or are unsure of how much they are actually going to play so therefore don’t want to invest too much money into the table.  Mizerak is one of the few manufacturers that produce a folding billiard table. They also have a great table called the Savoy Space Saver that measured in length only 79 inches. This is five inches sorter then the standard 7-foot table, so while not regulation in size is great because you can fit it most places you couldn’t fit any other table. While Mizerak does have a couple true slate 8 foot tables at the higher end of their price range, most Mizerak tables utilize new technology materials such as Slatetron(synthetic slate material) and high density MDF board(think fancy plywood). Using these materials tend to make Mizerak table come in at a lower price point. Most of Mizerak table mimic standard American Heritage or Brunswick table in design in look they are only low quality in terms of play because of the materials they use for their playing field beds. Mizerak does have an excellent line though that while using Slatetron technology for the bed, is officially licensed with the NCAA and you can have a table that shows your support for your favorite college sport team such as an excellent table called the Mizerak Traditions that has an University of Michigan “Block M” logo printed on the cloth. I mean what Wolverine fan can go without a table that screams “Go Blue.” But one word of unsolicited advice; you do not have to give up the quality of a slate table for the sake of showing you collegiate spirit. There are at least two cloth companies that are licensed with the NCAA and most major league sport teams to print their logos on their cloth. Most billiard retail companies should have no problem swapping out the cloth that comes with the slate table you are buying in exchange for an upgrade fee to get your favorite team’s logo printed on the cloth that you choose for your table.

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This article explain the story of billiard great Steve Mizerak. It also tells the differences and design of several of the tables that have his name on them. Most Mizerak table playing bed area don’t use slate but instead use the synthetic material Slatetron or use the plywood like material high density MDF board. Mizerak makes both a folding table and the Savoy Space saver a 79-inch table.

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