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Pool Games

Pool Games Galore

Pool, also known as pocket billiards, is a kind of cue sport which is usually played on a table bearing six pockets. You can play different pool games including eight-ball, nine-ball, ten-ball, bank pool, one-pocket, screw your neighbor, among others. Here are guidelines…..

How To Play These Pool Games

Eight Ball. Eight ball starts with a full rack of 15 balls and the cue ball. Your goal would be to claim a suit and aim all of them into the pocket, then eventually pocket the 8 ball. While doing this, you aim to veer your opponent from opportunities to do the same with his suit. In the US, suits would usually be stripes or solids, while in the UK they are reds or yellows. Among several pool games, eight-ball is the favorite game across the globe. Chances are, you already know how to play it so let us just move on to the less commonly played pool games.

Nine Ball. This pool game is what is commonly played in professional games. The balls used in Nine-ball are balls 1 to 9 and the cue ball. The aim of the game is to legally pocket the 9 ball. Once you do this, you win. Here are the steps on how to play this pool game:

Step 1. Prepare the balls ready for the game by racking them in the right sequence. One ball must be in at the forefront, followed by 2 and 3 balls in the second row, then 4, 9 and five balls on the next row, 6 and 7 balls in the fourth row, and the 8 ball is at the last row.

Step 2. Set the balls ready for breaking by aligning 1 ball on the second dot on the table. You can usually find a round mark on the table. If none, just see to it that the rack is at the middle and the 1 ball and second dot are aligned.

Step 3. Hit the cue ball from behind the second dot on the opposite side of the table to shoot the break. Should the player in play pockets a ball while breaking, he gains the chance to continue shooting until such time that he makes a miss.

Step 4. When continuing to shoot, see to it that you hit the balls in order from 1 to 9. If you fail to do this, your next opponent gains his turn.

Step 5. Win the game by pocketing the nine ball.

Screw Your Neighbor. This game is fun to play that is why it is a popular in many parties. The goal of this game is for the player to pocket the balls of two other opponents while taking care to retain his balls on the table. Here are the mechanics of the game:

Step 1. Let three players randomly pick a ball each from balls one to three. The player who picks 1 ball will have balls 1 through 5; player who picks 2 ball will have balls 6 through ten; while the player who gets 3 ball will have balls 11 through 15.

Step 2. The player who got the 1 ball will play shoot the break. If he successfully makes a shot, he continues to shoot until he misses to shoot one of the balls of his opponents.

Step 3. If the first player misses, the player who got the 2 ball will play next, with the same goal and following the same conditions until he misses.

Step 4. If the shooter scratches during his turn, a ball is taken out from the pocket for each of his opponents. A player makes a scratch by unintentionally pocketing the cue ball.

Step 5. The player who got the 3 ball goes next when player 2 misses and follows the same rules.

Step 6. They continue taking turns until one player can pocket all the balls of his opponents while retaining his assigned balls.

There are many other pool games that you can play. You can opt to try these three first and explore, then also learn the how to play the other games.

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