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inground pool prices

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An oasis right in your backyard is absolutely awesome. Upon waking up in the morning, you can simply slip to your yard and take a morning dip in your inground swimming pool without having to drive to a clubhouse, resort or health club. And when the night falls, you are still at liberty to take a late night swim without worrying about pool closing time. Of course, this refreshing backyard haven comes with a price tag. Let us find out if this recreational feature installed right on the premises of your own home is worth paying for by working out inground pool prices.

Factors That Can Raise or Reduce Inground Pool Prices

Size. The cost of building and operating an inground pool depends on a number of factors, but the foremost factor is the pool size. It goes without saying, the bigger your pool, the more expensive it is to build and maintain.

Type. Next in the list of factors that affect inground pool prices is the type of pool. You better be aware of this before installing your pool so that you can consider its impact on its cost. Fiberglass pools are considered to be one of the most expensive type of inground pools to install, but it requires less maintenance, hence, minimizing maintenance costs. On the other hand, vinyl pools are one of the least expensive pools to install, but less durable and require replacement of their liners every 8 to 10 years. This will cost you more money and time. Also, the materials used as liners also have an impact on inground pool prices.

Add-ons. Adding features, like diving boards, a fountain, additional steps and other similar frills and luxury items can also hike up inground pool prices. It is best to identify which accessories are essential and which are not. A pool heater and filtration system for heating and sanitation may be more worth investing in than a slide for fun or a bar smack in the middle of your pool.

Prices of Typical Inground Swimming Pools

Owing to the various factors that affect inground pool prices, making a good guesstimate of the cost of installing an inground pool can be tough, unless you are from a pool company. The average inground pool can cost at least $ 20,000, and if it is well lined, its price could be higher. Pools that are immense in dimensions, or those with many add-ons, such as filtration and heating systems could exceed $50,000 in cost. If you are an ordinary homeowner who wants to install a fairly nice inground pool of moderate depth, then be ready to spend between $20,000 to $30,000.

Ways To Lower Inground Pool Prices

It is essential to have a grasp of what can increase or decrease pool prices. By knowing such things, you can plan your pool according to your preferences and wherewithal. With proper planning, you can avoid a sudden change of mind about how your pool is built as minute alterations can substantially cost. It is best to discuss your plans and preferences with your pool contractor before beginning installation. To ensure that you get one of the best inground pool prices, take time to shop around before choosing a pool builder.

Another way to bring down inground pool prices is by going down the do-it-yourself road, or at least partially do the labor, such as the digging. This is if you are adept at doing this. However, if you think you are incapable of doing the dirty work but is still short on budget, you can consider installing an above-ground pool instead, as this type is much cheaper than inground pools but can still serve as a refreshing backyard bliss.

Inground pool prices are affected by several factors, with size and type as the two major determinants.

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