Sizing up a Room for a Pool Table

When considering a new pool table for your games room, it is important to evaluate the most appropriate size table for the space provided. Pocket Billiards is a relaxing and social experience that can be played for mere fun with family and friends, as a game played alone, or as a fiercely competitive sport. Whichever the reason for a pool table, the correct size not only can give you the proper level of enjoyment when playing but can also richly enhance the décor of the games room.

There are three basic sizes of pocket billiard tables. In short, they are referred as a 7’, 8’, or 9’ table. The 7’ table is also known as “bar table” or “tavern table” because it is commonly found in a public house for entertainment of the clientele, but also used in homes for more modest sized rooms.  An 8’ table is by far the most common or standard size pool table for home recreation, probably based on it’s medium frame and usually the best fitted for the design of the room as well. A 9’ table is also known as a professional tournament size pool table and can be a bit more challenging to play on, and also sometimes may be difficult to fit into a smaller game room.   By industry standards these tables are measured by the regulated dimensions of the interior play surface. From the inside point of cushion to cushion a 7’ table measures 39” x 78”, an 8’ table measures 44” x 88”, and a 9’ table measures 50” x 100”. These table dimensions are all exactly twice the length as the width. The outer top rail dimensions are basically irrelevant when determining proper room space requirements and differ slightly based on the design of the table.

The minimum room space needed for each table will ensure that one can play pool with just enough space as to not make contact with the walls of the room with the butt end of their pool cue. The recommended minimum required room size for a 7’ pool table is 12’9” x 16’, an 8’ table room size would be 13’2” x 16’10”, and for a 9’ table you would require 14’x 18’.  These room sizes are based on using a full length pool cue of  57” long.

Some room spaces can be designed less than stellar for the placement of the size table that you may desire. When this happens, one solution may be to consider a shorter length pool cue to accommodate play on the table to still be without risk of hitting the walls with the butt end of the stick. Cue stick lengths from longest to shortest can range from a 57”, 52”, 48”, 42”, and a 36” cue. All sizes may be played with to help resolve any particular room size dilemma if necessary.

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