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Teak outdoor furniture

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Teak Outdoor Furniture – The Wood Furniture of Choice for Outdoor Use

Whether you like it or not, your lovely outdoor garden, deck or patio furniture will have to brave the rain, sun, snow, wind, birds, insects and other outdoor elements. Hence, it is important that you choose the kind of furniture that can resist these outdoor “villains”. Teak is one of the most favorite wood for furniture especially for your outdoor living space because it is weather resistant. This tropical hardwood tree which are usually obtained from the dense monsoon forests of Southeast Asia boasts of a tall trunk and deciduous leaf patterns that make it naturally impervious to the outdoor elements. It is endowed by nature with natural oils that make varnish unnecessary. If you want the kind of furniture pieces that do not easily split or succumb to the effects of water, go for teak outdoor furniture that is built of wood taken from old forests.

Understanding the True Colors of Teak Outdoor Furniture

Initially, your teak outdoor furniture is golden brown, but becomes a silvery ash gray as time passes. If you want to bring back its original warm brown color, you can polish it. If you would rather preserve the gray tone it develops, you can have it sealed using a clear finish.

Quick Tips on Maintaining Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak outdoor furniture is not just durable, it is also easy and quick to maintain yet still remains in good shape as long as you do a little cleaning from time to time. Here are some easy tips on how to take care of these warm and earthy furniture pieces:

1. Occasionally clean teak outdoor furniture using a brush.

2. To loosen and clean off dirt, you can use a mild soap and water solution applied with a soft brush. Then thoroughly rinse it and let it dry.

3. When polishing your teak outdoor furniture, make sure that it is totally dry.

4. Prevent grease stains by sealing teak outdoor furniture using a clear finish once it has a gray patina, that is, if you would rather have it look silvery gray. This may take some time before you can do so.

5. If grease stains are already there and you want to remove them, a commercial grade teak cleaner may be helpful. Just take note though that this product may help bring back the wood’s original color, which may be a bad or good thing depending on how you want it. You can find such a product online or in an outdoor furniture store. To help you make a wise choice, opt for that which has been recommended by the manufacturer.

6. Normally, there is no need for you to polish your teak outdoor furniture. However, for people who like the golden hue better than the gray hue, protect it from the sun, which is responsible for making it eventually turn gray, by using a sealant once you have purchased the furniture. Then occasionally put some oil.

7. Teak may not be susceptible to rot and decay, but you cannot just leave a small pool of water staying on the seat or around the legs. Take care to wipe the seat dry and just transfer the furniture piece somewhere dry or where there is no puddle.

Maintaining teak outdoor furniture is a breeze. With this type of furniture, you can be sitting pretty with just the occasional wiping or brushing and one-time sealing, yet you can still keep your warm, beautiful pieces in mint condition.

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