Should You Buy An Aquabot Pool Cleaner?

Aquabot Pool Cleaner

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Automate Pool Cleaning With An Aquabot Pool Cleaner

One of the challenges of having a pool at home is its maintenance. Manually cleaning it yourself or even with the help of a pool vacuum cleaner could be a Herculean task especially if you have a huge one. Thank goodness for automated cleaners that take care of the chore. One of which is the Aquabot pool cleaner. Let us weigh its merits and demerits based on what an owner of this pool device had to say.

Short Description of the Aquabot Pool Cleaner

Instead of employing your filter, this device is electrically powered through a densely rubber-insulated cord that floats. You can plug the cord into a transformer which you can also plug into an outlet. The transformer is equipped with a timer that can be adjusted to as long as seven hours. You can also have it running non-stop.

This automated pool cleaner cleans your pool with the help of two rollers made of of thin pliable rubber blades which spin against the surface of the pool. In the process, it sweeps off algae, dirt, and debris onto two openings that lead to a heavy fabric filter. You’ll be amazed to find it climbing up the walls of your pool to scour off the water line on every side of the pool.

Strong Points of the Aquabot Pool Cleaner

Instructional Video. Learning to use the Aquabot pool cleaner is made easy with the help of the clear and simple directions in the instructional video that comes with it.

Cleaning Performance. It can effectively clean your pool free of all visible debris, and can also suck up those that you do not readily see, such as hair, dead algae, and fine sand since it can filter debris as minute as 2 microns. Check out the filter and you will see that the Aquabot pool cleaner is really doing its job. With its ability to climb on the walls of the pool, it effectively cleans the water line. Although you have to make the extra effort of using a net to take out large clusters of leaves, otherwise they will jam the filter quickly.

Easy to Clean and Maintain. To clean and maintain the Aquabot pool cleaner after using it, you only have to detach the filter and rinse it. Although some users of this pool cleaner describe it as gross, but the good thing about it is that it can be rinsed with a garden hose or through a washing machine. The filter can easily be detached and put back on.

After each use, you simply just let it cool down in the water for about 30 minutes and carefully tug it to the poolside through its cord. You can then hoist it out through the top handle, then reverse the handle to the other side to empty it with water.

Durability. This pool cleaner has been favorably reviewed for its heavy-duty quality.

Setbacks of the Aquabot Pool Cleaner

Tendency to Hang or Get Tangled Up with Its Cord Making Its Timer Less Useful. As an automated cleaning device, it should be something that you can just leave in the pool and let it do its thing. With the timer, it is supposed to do just that at the specific number of hours that you have set it. However, the timer appears to be not so useful because you still need to check it from time to time due to the tendency of the device to hang or its rollers to get entangled with the cord. The good thing about it though is that repositioning it or untangling the cord is a cinch. It takes seven hours to complete the whole cleaning cycle. To many pool owners, this can be a long time to be watching the pool. However, they can do this monitoring in between other chores and activities.

Non-Waterproof Control Box. Other users disclosed that the control box is not water resistant, hence, this is another cause for you to check on your device every so often while running it.

Random Cleaning. Although it does a fair job of cleaning the pool, its cleaning system follows a random pattern, and it can end up cleaning the same spot repeatedly. The Aquabot pool cleaner boasts of being equipped with microprocessors that are expected to get familiar with the shape of the pool and other barriers to provide better reach, but the user has not seen this feature to work.

Although it has its flaws, the Aquabot pool cleaner is a fairly useful device in maintaining your backyard oasis.

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