Reasons for Buying Brunswick Pool Tables

Brunswick Pool Tables

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Brunswick Pool Tables – A Status Symbol of Elegance and Luxury

Brunswick pool tables are like the Rolls Royce in cars. They are symbols of pride, luxurious beauty, and elegance. This brand of pool tables has several distinct features that set it apart from the rest. Some individuals would like to own one because they like the quality of the table that provides unique pool gaming experience. But for many others, they simply want to own a Brunswick pool table just because it is a status symbol that associates owners to the elite.

Aside from being a symbol of excellent quality and pride, it is also important to know some of the basic unique features of Brunswick pool tables in order to determine if it is also worth investing in. The name itself sells, and the reputation of Brunswick in pool tables makes the product relatively expensive compared to the standard pool tables. However, its fame is also backed by well-proven quality that is responsible for the attained reputation that the brand is enjoying.

Distinct Features of Brunswick Pool Tables 

There are many features of the table that are rarely found in other brands. One of them is solid hardwood rails that provide better accuracy for best gaming performance. Aside from that, the pool table has machined-recessed areas that promote smooth contact of cloth with the rail attachments to the slate without interference. It is further equipped with hardened doomed washer that maintains reliability of the connection between the rail and the slate.

Another distinct feature is the high speed cushion rubber that improves precision in rebounds and better ball penetration. The entire table frame is also exceptionally durable with solid wood dovetail support. It is further reinforced by a more stable joinery construction. Despite the ultra-strength of the rock-solid table, installation is quite easy. The wooden table is kiln-dried for enhanced beauty and elegance.

Different Types of Brunswick Pool Tables 

There are basically three major types of Brunswick pool tables. They are the contender tables, the competition tables, and the home pool tables. The name of each type of table already implies the main function of the table. Obviously, home tables are ideal for family use at home, while the contender and the competition tables are meant for amateur and professional pool players respectively.

Each type of Brunswick pool table has features different from the others. They also have varying prices, based on the quality and the overall design of the table. But the usual prices of Brunswick pool tables are somewhere within the range that starts from a thousand dollars and five hundred, to as high as six to eight thousand dollars.

With their steep pricing, are they still worth investing? They definitely are if you are an avid pool player, or a professional in pool games. But above all, the name itself is already sufficient enough to invest in Brunswick pool tables, since it is a status symbol for the elite.

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