Pros and Cons of Using Solar Pool Cover

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Swimming pools need to have a solar pool cover for several reasons. Although, some pool owners may find it quite inconvenient to have a bulky cover for the pool, not to mention the additional costs on its purchase, the benefits of having a pool cover may far outweigh the disadvantages of getting and having one around the pool area.

To arrive at the smart choice of whether to get a solar pool cover or not, it is best to determine the pros and cons of using solar covers for the swimming pool.

Pros of Using Solar Pool Cover 

There are many advantages and benefits of using a solar pool cover. One of them is to keep the pool clean from all sorts of dirt and dusts. Dried leaves, bugs and insects are prevented from going to the pool water when it is not used. This can significantly reduce the cleaning time and efforts on the pool, thereby easing the tasks of maintaining it.

What is even more interesting about solar pool cover is that it does not only keep the pool free from dusts and foreign materials by completely covering the water area but also traps the sunlight and transmit the heat to the pool water, thereby heating the pool.

If your pool is heated for more comfortable and better swimming experience, then the solar pool cover can give you big savings on energy since it takes only lesser energy to heat the pool because it is already heated via direct sunlight.

Another awesome advantage is minimized evaporation of the pool water. Direct exposure to sunlight promotes faster evaporation of water. The amount of water loss can be huge if the pool is not covered. This is tantamount to bigger expenses in replacing the enormous amount of water lost to evaporation.

Cons of Using Solar Pool Cover

There may be numerous benefits of using a solar pool cover, but there are disadvantages as well. One of them is ample space for its storage. This can take up a lot of space in the entire pool area. But this is not much of a problem for pools with huge space to spare for its storage, or for residential homes with bigger lot areas.

Aside from that, acquiring the solar cover for the pool requires additional investment from your end, but the amount is definitely worth it considering the great benefits the pool cover provides. Moreover, there are also several brands that are relatively cheaper, and yet durable for long lasting use.

There is also a safety risk involved in using the solar pool cover. Toddlers and young children might come to believe that the cover is a stable ground. Going on top of the cover can trap someone and suffocate to death. To prevent such tragedy, it is imperative to use the solar pool cover only if there is a pool fence around the swimming pool, and the door of the fence is locked while the pool is not being used.

Having gone through the pros and cons of using a solar pool cover, it is clear that this pool accessory is important, and it provides far better advantages compared to the disadvantages of using it. There may be several drawbacks, but they can be generally resolved by simple solutions.

With that in mind, swimming pool owners are urged to have a solar pool cover since this can not only help in maintaining the pool, but this can provide tremendous savings as well.

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