Propane Indoor Fireplace Features That Will Spark Your Interest

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Fuel efficiency, safety, ample heat and convenience in use and maintenance are some of the attributes that a homeowner considers when choosing a fireplace. You can find these features in a good propane indoor fireplace. A propane fireplace makes a good substitute for natural gas fireplaces if natural gas is not highly available in your area. It can simply be installed as a free standing heating appliance or mounted conveniently on an existing traditional fireplace.

Propane Indoor Fireplace Second Best To Natural Gas Fireplace?

Which Fuel Is More Available? Certain homes use natural gas to fuel many appliances. If your house is one of these, then the logical thing to do is to choose a natural gas fireplace to supply heat since you do not need to install a propane tank and a new gas line to extend in the basement. However, for homes, such as those in the country areas, that have few neighbors or in areas where natural gas is not readily available, using a propane indoor fireplace is more appropriate. Just make sure that a steady supply of propane gas is available in your area.

Which Fire Is Cleaner? A propane indoor fireplace is only second to natural gas fireplace when it comes to the cleanliness of fire that they produce. This is manifested in the thin film oil that is left by a propane fireplace on smooth surfaces, like the windows. Natural gas is also deemed kinder to the environment since it is sourced from soil as compared to propane which has to be processed. Despite this, however, availability is the ultimate deal-maker.

Which Is Hotter? A propane indoor fireplace produces a higher flame temperature than natural gas, hence, making it more efficient in providing heat for your home. This translate to less fuel used to generate the same amount of heat.

Safe Fuel. Although propane only comes second to natural gas when it comes to cleanliness of burn, propane boasts of being safe to use owing to its very slim range of flammability. Propane fuel  is drawn from the pressurized tank as a vapor instead of as a liquid, making it more safe. To bolster safety, distributors of propane indoor fireplace are aggressive in educating homeowners regarding the safe use and proper maintenance of stoves, fireplaces and other appliances run by propane.

A propane indoor fireplace is safe to use and provides ample heat and fuel efficiency, making it a great substitute for homes located in areas where natural gas is not readily available.

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