Pool Toys That Can Make A Splash This Swimming Season

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As if a swimming pool right in your very own backyard isn’t fun enough, you can still heighten the fun of family bonding or pool partying using pool toys. You and your kids will surely have a ball playing with these waterproof toys that can be taken into the pool, from the simple and usual inflatable balls, and floaters, to radio controlled boats and submarines. These waterproof playthings will help you float, or encourage you to explore the cool world underwater, or even help you hone some skills in swimming and other water sports. Music lovers can even bring their own version of toys underwater with the PoolTunes Floating iPod. Equipped with these toys, there will surely be no dull moment in your swimming wingding. Let us take a look at some of these toys:

Pool Toys That Bring Swimming Skills Into Play

Underwater Swimming Hoops. This pool toy includes four large swim-through hoops that can serve as an underwater racecourse where you and your friends can compete in swimming. These hoops, which are 22 inches in diameter, can be filled with sand so that you can manage the depth of the hoops in the water. Bring out the competitive swimmer among your kids by setting these swimming hoops underwater. Let them dive, zip, or zigzag through these loops of competitive fun.

Dive Streamers. Uncover the diver in you or your kids with this waterproof toy made of neoprene. A pack consists of three 15-inch long dive streamers and balls that are two inches in diameter. The ball is fastened to the sturdy streamer. They come in colorful designs making them easy to spot while submerged. They make a great dive toy as they sink easily and encourage kids to make a plunge for them. They are recommended for kids five years or older.

Pool Toys For Water Sports

Aqua Basketball. Bring the basketball into the waters. There are plenty of pool basketball boards and hoops that can be set on the poolside or can be afloat on the water. There’s no cooler place of playing this favorite American game than in the refreshing confines of your pool. Make that wet shot to score!

Tennis Pool Game. Become an aqua tennis pro by playing this pool toy. You must understand that this tennis game is no ordinary tennis. Watch out for the water bomb ball that can spatter water all over you or your opponent. This toy also comes with extra springy paddles to boost the rate of play. Aim to wrap the ball around the pole in your direction first.

There are a whole lot more of pool toys available in the market, such as water guns, snorkeling sets, rafts, pool skateboards, underwater surfboards, underwater sticks, floating rubber dolls and many others. Buy those that you think your family would enjoy the most.

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