Used Pool Tables

Used pool Table Prices

If you are in the market for a pool table and want a deal the obvious choice is a used table.  Used billiard tables can be a great deal especially when someone is moving and needs to sell it quickly.  The prices of used pool tables vary from $100 on up to antique pool tables that can fetch as much at $250,000.  Remember you will have moving costs on top of the purchase price.

Shopping For a Used Pool Table

Shopping for a used pool table is full of miscues and hazards.  Firstly you must measure your space you will place your pool table and figure out what size used pool table is optimal.  Once your size is decided next is the type of table you are looking for.

Slate or Non Slate

Pool tables come in many different qualities and designs.  Do you want a professional quality slate pool table in a regulation size of 7 foot, 8 foot or 9 foot or a less expensive and usually smaller non-slate pool table?  If it is a non-slate pool table you are looking for it is probably best to buy a new one.  Generally these tables are not designed to be moved or last for very long.  Non-slate tables also will not play well as they are never level.

Thickness of Slate

If you have decided on a slate used billiard table the thickness of slate is a consideration.  Most tables will be ¾” inch or 1” thick.  The 1” thick slate is tournament quality and the better option.  Be careful to check the slate thickness anything under ¾” will most likely warp over time.  Also ¾” slate on larger tables, such as 8 foot, 8 foot pro and nine foot, is not ideal as it has the chance of warping.

There are some pool tables out there, mainly antique Brunswick’s, with thicker slate of 1 ½” and even 2” slate.    These tables will play very well but are extremely heavy to move.

Slate pieces

Another very important aspect of buying a used pool table is the number of pieces the slate comes in.  Most slate pool tables that are 30 years old or less will have three pieces of slate.  This is the preferable option for moving and playability.  Three-piece slate tables will need to be shimmed and waxed correctly when reassembling to ensure a level-playing surface.  There are some one-piece slate pool tables also.  These can be moved with a couple of strong guys when they are 7 foot or smaller but 8 foot one piece slate is very difficult to move and not recommended.

Marble Playing Surface on Used Pool Tables

Some older pool tables used marble as the playing surface.  These are one piece and very heavy to move but even worse marble is more brittle than slate and will probably break during the move.

Slate Condition on Used Pool Tables

When checking over a used pool table to purchase makes sure the slate is in good condition.  If the slate is cracked or chipped you want to pass on the table however much you like the rest of the table.  The slate is the heart of the table and getting the slate fixed or replaced can be very difficult and expensive.

Cabinet of Used Pool Table

The cabinet on a pool table is the part that supports the slate.  This is what will keep you playing surface level over years and years.  When buying a used table you should consider the material the table is made from.  The best option is solid hard wood like oak, maple or cherry.  These tables will usually be the most expensive also.  Other materials used are plywood and MDF board.  These can work well also.

Pockets on Used Pool Tables

Leather pocket tables are usually more decorative pool tables using carved legs and quite often-solid woods.  On a used pool table check the leather doesn’t have dry rot.  If the pockets need replacing a new set will cost $200 to $400.

Pool tables with modern designs use inside pockets.  These pockets are usually plastic and inexpensive if needing replacing.

Cloth on Used Pool Tables

When buying a used pool table and moving it into your home it is a great time replace the cloth.  It will be easier and cheaper to replace the cloth when you are moving the table.  Not only will you get brand new cloth with a longer life but you cam also choose the cloth color to match you décor.

Cushion Rubber on Used Pool Tables

When looking at a used pool table bounce the ball around of the rubber.  Make sure the ball rebounds consistently and well.  Also listen to the sound the table makes the balls bounce of the rail.  A thud may indicate rubber that has gone bad.  Rubber on the cushion rubber can go bad quickly.  So check the cushion rubber even on fairly young used billiard tables.  Replacing a set of rubber on a pool table will usually cost $250 to $400.

Moving a Used Pool Table

When moving a slate pool table you must take it apart.  Take the rails and pockets off first then the cloth and the slate.  The cabinet may need to come apart and the legs should come off.  Depending on your agility and mechanical skills it may be best to hire a professional pool table crew to break the table down move it and set up again.  If you use a reputable stores crew you will also get a warranty the table stays level.  Moving a slate pool table within 20 miles will usually cost between $400 and $600.

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