Pool Tables for Sale

Pool Tables for Sale

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Pool Tables for Sale Flood the Market

With the plethora of pool tables for sale online and in physical stores, the buying process can be more challenging than executing a pool trick shot. American, English, foldaway, outdoor, luxury, professional, refurbished, and even dining pool tables are some of the varieties of pool tables for you to choose from. They come in various colors, styles, and sizes. But looking on the bright side, this means multiple choices are available to suit your preferences. Let us take a look at some of these options:

Reconditioned Pool Tables for Sale

If you are on a tight budget or still a beginner, a refurbished pool table would be the appropriate choice. You can get to own the table at a lower cost. It may be used, but its cloth, balls and triangle have been replaced with new ones already.

Foldaway Pool Tables For Sale

Another option for beginners and those buying on a limited budget is the foldaway pool table. It is the lightest and cheapest type, and suits well for homes that do not have enough space for a pool room as it can be folded (through its folding leg mechanism) and stowed away after play. It is also perfect to begin the pool career of your kid, as well as for practice to prepare for a tournament in you local pool pub. Foldaway pool tables for sale are available in three-foot to six-foot sizes. Foldaway tables though are prone to wobbling if you knock them since they are lighter than their slate bed cousins.

Luxury Pool Tables for Sale

On the other tip of the pool tables spectrum in terms of price are luxury pool tables that come with tasteful finish. They could be built of Italian wood and with a cast iron support. These sturdy pool tables of the rich may include a 3-piece 30-mm diamond sanded Italian slate to provide an ultra smooth playing surface. Much attention to detail is given to luxury pools. Some are even given dual functionality as they are also pool diner tables, equipped with a dining top that serves as dining table.

American Versus English Pool Tables

Most American pool tables come in the eight-foot size, although the full size tables come in 9-foot sizes. On the other hand, the English pool tables are smaller, coming in six- or seven-foot sizes. Compared to the English pool tables which come with 2-inch balls, American pool tables have bigger balls and correspondingly, bigger pockets. American pool balls have a diameter of 2.25 inches requiring larger cue tips, usually 13 mm, for better control of the cue ball.

American pool tables, and a number of English pool tables, are covered with speed cloth, or cloth without a nap. In comparison, the English snooker table have a napped cloth, allowing the ball that is slowly hit to deviate a little bit, contingent on the direction of the nap. The speed cloth is said to be more durable and easier to clean up in case of spills. English pool tables are slate pool tables, meaning they have a slate bed or playing surface.

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