Pool Table Supplies: What Every Home Billiard Room Needs

Pool Table Supplies: What Every Home Billiard Room Needs

So you have brought you pool table or are thinking about finally putting that pool table in your designated man room in your basement and now you need to get everything to play pool. There are a lot of different options and a lot of different supplies out there for your pool table so this article is make it easier for you to pick the supply package that is right for you.

The Basic Pool Table Supply Package

A package like this is perfect for the pool player who this maybe this first table and you aren’t quite sure how much you are going to even play on it. Your pool table is not a centerpiece or conversation piece in your basement, but rather a good simple table to play on. So what do you need for a table like this? There are many starter packages that billiard retail companies will supply with the table and this is probably the perfect match for you. The packages will include up to four one-piece cues. You want at least four cues because you want a cue of each different weight so i.e. an 18 oz, 19oz, 20oz, and 21oz cue so guest players can find a cue that is weighted for their type of play. This package will also have a basic set of balls, a black plastic triangle (to rack your balls for 8 ball pool) and a nylon brush to wipe down your table. With the nylon brush you want to brush down your table usually after every time you play. It is important to pick one side of your table to be the “head” of your table and brush towards the foot of the table every time. Other then these supplies you will need some chalk to rub on the tip of you pool cue, and now with a wide variety of colors of chalk you will want to pick one that is similar in color to the cloth color of your pool table.

The Deluxe Pool Table Supply Package:

What A Real Billiards Room Needs

The basic package maybe enough for some, but anyone that is going to use there table on a regular basis will want a little more beefed up pool supply package. Many billiard retail shops sell these too, but not all deluxe packages have everything you need. The most important part of a good billiard room set up is the cues. Like before you will want to have at least 4 cues of the different weights, but this time you will either want to opt for some good two piece cues that have some Irish wrapped linen handles, or if you want to stay with one-piece you will want to get some cues that are made from a hardwood maple, preferably Canadian and that are kiln dried. This cues maybe more pricey but they are less likely to warp and therefore you will go though less. You will also want to get a nicer set of balls, preferably Aramith balls, because these Belgian made balls will never chip or crack and the material they are made with are heat resisting so they will not cause burn marks on your pool table cloth. You will also want to get a floor or wall rack for your cues, this is important because not only does it organize your cues, it stops them from warping which will happen to cues if you just lean them somewhere against something. When it comes to a floor vs. wall rack it really your style preference, so its up to you what will look better in your billiard room and what you have room for. Remember you don’t want to have to move a floor rack all the time because it is in the way. Beyond cues and balls though you will want a wooden triangle and a diamond. The wood color should preferably match the color of your table. This way you can play both 8 and 9 ball and many other games as well. Like mentioned before you want a box of chalk to match your table’s cloth color and you will probably want a chalk holder that you can attach to your table so you don’t have loose chalk all around. The last truly mandatory supply for any billiard room is a good leather cover for your table. This will help protect the cloth when it is not in use and make the life of your table last longer. Now that you have your supplies all you need to do is get out there and play.

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This article explains what pool table supplies you need to have in your home billiard room. It explains the difference between a cheap play package for the novice who won’t use his table very much to the person who they are either going to use their table a lot or are the table and billiard room is a showpiece in their home and a status symbol so they want the best supplies for it.

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