Pool Table Sizes

When shopping for a new pool table for your billiard room, there are different sizes to consider. Pool tables come in all styles of cabinetry from simple style laminates to gorgeous solid carved wood furniture tables, or ultra modern sleek designs. Whichever style is for you, it’s important to be aware of the different sizes of tables that exist and understand what size would be best suited for your game room.

What size pool table best fits my game room

Pool tables are available in 6 foot, 7 foot, 8 foot, 8 ½ foot, 9 foot, 10 foot and 12 foot sizes. That’s seven possible choices to consider based on your personal preference and available room size. We’ll go over the reasons and dimensions of different sizes and why they are available.

6 foot pool tables

Six foot pool tables are the smallest American style pool table available. They are quite small for a game that requires you to move a cue ball around the table and gain position for your next shot. The shots themselves are not long distances so there’s not much difficulty there, however it is very easy for balls to be tied up and congested, making run-outs sometimes challenging.

These tables are typically 32” x 64” in play field size. They are most commonly found in taverns or game rooms that have very little space allocated to play. A great table for tight spaces but probably not the greatest choice for a game room that has a little more open space.

Seven foot pool tables

The next available and by far the more common size for a smaller table is the 7 foot. These tables offer a nice compromise for tighter spaces but have a little more play surface area than the 6 footer. The play field on a 7 foot table is 39” x 78”. These are very popular bar or tavern tables and often there might be two or three of them in the establishment. Also, they are very popular for the home game room that is slightly limited in space by walls or poles. The shots are still relatively short with a little less congestion on the play surface than the 6 footer. These tables are also offered in many more style options than the six foot. Basically, the 7 foot is the table of choice for those who may be seeking an eight foot table but don’t quite have enough space for it. 7 foot tables come in almost as many style options as 8 foot tables.

Eight Foot Pool Tables

The most popular size pool table for home game rooms is by far the 8 foot. The 8 foot table comes in the most variety of styles and finish options. The play field on an 8 foot table measures 44” x 88”, offering sufficient play surface area without the very challenging long shots that a 9 foot table can have. Eight foot pool tables are an excellent compromise between the smaller “bar box” style tables and the professional nine foot tables. With an 8 foot pool table the room dimensions should be 13’2” x 16’10” to comfortably accommodate the playability. The 8 foot table is the essential home game room table that accommodates most room decors and can be fitted into most game room lay-outs.

Eight foot Pro or 8 1/2 foot Pool Table or Pro-8

An 8 ½  foot or eight foot pro table is more rare than a standard 8 foot pool table. There are far less styles and design options on a pro-8. Pro eight tables are for commercial pool hall establishments that have high end commercial style tables and want to mix it up between 9 foot and 8 foot tables. The same style table as a commercial 9 foot usually is offered in an eight foot pro version to give it a little more challenge of playability and professionalism. Some rooms can squeeze in an extra table or two if they put in 8 foot pro’s rather than all 9 foot tables.

The other reason someone may want a pro-8 table for their home game room is that they wanted to put in a 9 foot table but may be a little short of space, so a pro-8 would possibly be as big as they could get.

Nine Foot Pool Tables

The 9 foot pool table is the BCA recommended professional tournament table in the United States. The play field measures 50” x 100” and offers challenging shot making and a lot of room for the player to maneuver the cue ball, making the nine foot pool table ideal for serious high skilled players. 9 foot tables are the standard for commercial pool halls that host tournament play in an up-scale billiard atmosphere.

Ten Foot & Twelve Foot Pool Tables

The 10 foot & 12 foot pool tables are designed as Canadian or European snooker tables. This table is very rare for an American home game room but may be found throughout the Nation in a variety of commercial pool halls that offer the game of Snooker to their clientele. Snooker is very similar to pool except the balls are 2 1/8” (making them smaller than regular pool balls that are 2 ¼”),  they are also numbered differently with a different quantity. The rubber cushions are lower than a standard pool tables and the pocket facings are shaped a little more difficult for ball pocketing. These tables are very challenging to play american pool rules on but offer a disciplined option to playing a different and exciting game of pool.

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