Pool Table Lights

Pool Table Lights

If there is one thing every pool table needs, it’s a good light.  Cue sports are games of millimeters, of minute precision; good light is crucial.  Pool table lights are available in many different designs these days.   The classic three shade lights, used for decades in smoky pool halls, is still the most popular.

Installing a Pool Table Light

The key to installing a pool table light is to make sure the light it casts hits the entire playing surface.  Be sure not to leave a corner or end that is in shadow; that would make the game more difficult.  If you are installing a new pool table or placing a used pool table in a new room it is best to install the table prior to installing the light.  This way the pool table can be placed in the room to reduce or eliminate cue obstacles.  The light can then be hung appropriately for optimal playability and design.

It is always recommended to get a qualified electrician to install your new pool table light according to the local building code.  For an electrician it is an everyday job no different to installing a regular light fixture.  Make sure, before installation, your light fixture is UL certified or certified for according to your country’s codes.

Height of Billiard Light above Pool Table

A billiard table light’s height above the pool table can vary depending on the relative size of the light and the pool table.  A rule of thumb is to hang the bottom of the light 36 inches above the surface of the pool table but it really needs to be adjusted according to individual characteristics.  If the pool table light is hung too low you will find it gets hit with cues while playing and if it is too high the light disperses too much, which will affect play.

Length of Pool table Light

The optimal length of a pool table light again depends on the size of the pool table.  Usually the light should be a couple of feet short of the pool table at each end.  So a 48” to 52” long billiard light would suite an 8-foot table.  Usually a 48-inch light is used for a 7-foot table and 60 inch or longer for a nine-foot table.

The availability of light fixtures of these dimensions tend to be more plentiful at pool table specialty stores and less so at lighting specialists.

Designs of Pool Table Lights

As previously mentioned pool table lights come in many shapes, colors and materials.  The traditional light is the horizontal bar with individual shades hanging from it, one shade for each bulb.  These shades were originally made of steel but are now commonly available in plastics and more expensive glass.  The colors of the shades and bar are endless.  Leather and fabric shades are even an option.

A brass bed manufacturer entered the billiard light business in the eighties. Added some designs to the cross bar previously seen on brass bed heads and changed the designs forever.  Derivatives of these designs are still very common today.

Another common design is the stained glass look.  These are again available in many different colors for many decors.

Whichever way you decide to light your pool, light it well and enjoy.

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