Pool Table Cloth

Pool Table Cloth


When shopping for a pool table for your newly designed game room, there are plenty of choices that you will have to make decisions on. After committing on the table style, the finish of the wood, the type of carved legs, the fringe on the pockets, the kit, balls, & cue sticks, there is only one major decision left that can be detrimental to the playability of your new pool table. That last decision would be the type and color of the cloth.

It is a common misconception that pool tables have felt on them. The “felt” that people refer to is actually a woven billiard cloth and has more value than many give it credit for. There are different quality levels, weights, and performance features on different styles of billiard cloth. It is necessary to determine what the best choice for your pool table will be. Unfortunately, a common blunder in the sales and purchasing process of a pool table is over-looking the discussion and consideration of different cloth that might best suit your desired level of play and interests.

Wool/Nylon Cloth

The standard billiard cloth in the industry is a wool/nylon blend. This cloth is approximately 75 percent wool and 25 percent nylon (75/25) and has a weight of 19-21 oz per square yard. There are different manufacturers that produce wool/nylon cloth so the weights, the nap, and degree of pilling can differ. This cloth is what will be on most bar room or tavern tables and home tables for the customer who chooses not to up-grade to another quality level. Wool/nylon cloth is very sufficient for social home play and tavern performance, yet for those desiring an enhanced playability in their table, there is a second option.

Worsted Wool Cloth

The industry leader of cloth for overall performance, speed and durability is worsted cloth. Worsted cloth offers a professional playability and outlasts wool/nylon cloth. Worsted cloth has a weight of 24-26 oz per square yard.  It is a thicker cloth yet provides optimal speed of play for the balls due to the finishing process. The cloth has virtually no pilling and no nap, it is smooth and divot resisting. Worsted cloth is by far the choice of cloth for experienced players and upscale game rooms. The balls roll very accurate and quick on a sleek surface without the nuisance of “ball tracking” that can often happen on wool/nylon clothed tables. Worsted cloth needs to be stretched a little tighter than other cloth as well, enhancing the speed even more. Players can finesse their shots and obtain optimal ball roll.

Some worsted wool cloth have incorporated fabric protectors in the cloth fibers protecting the play field from accidental stains. Worsted cloth is somewhat naturally stain resistant with or without fabric protectors however, so it generally stays cleaner and brighter than other cloth. Worsted cloth will be an upgraded price from wool/nylon, but considering the advantages, could be a few bucks well spent.


All above cloth styles, whether wool/nylon or worsted, come in a variety of color options. At one time, standard green was the only available color, but those days have long past. It is said that the green color was originally chosen for pool to replicate the green color of grass. Rumor has it that an outdoor game of croquet inspired the origin of billiards. Green also is one of the “easiest” colors on the eyes after long sessions of play.  There are however, no right or wrong colors to choose for your pool table. These days there are almost as many colors as crayola crayons. Some of the very bright colors can be a little intense on the eyes when playing, so be sure you are satisfied with the color knowing that it should last on your pool table between 5 and 15 years for regular home usage. Other than that minor warning, anything goes, some even choose to two-tone their tables with different colored rail cloth than bed cloth.

Choosing the cloth color is the last decision that one normally makes when deciding all of the options for their pool table, and certainly one of the most fun! So enjoy, shoot well, and don’t forget to have fun on whichever cloth style and color you might choose for your new pool table.

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