Pool Supply – 5 Basic Supplies Every Pool Should Have

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Every pool requires not just one pool supply but more to keep it fully functional. Otherwise, its usage is short-lived and its operation is costly because water will have to be replaced more often. As a pool owner, it is important to keep in mind that swimming pools are good investments.

In-ground pools can even add value to the real estate property. But in order to maintain it to preserve its quality and value to the property, proper care and maintenance must be observed.

Maintaining the pool can hardly be done without using at least one pool supply. Supplies in the form of chemicals and replacement parts for the pool equipment must always be in hand should any problem occur. Cleaning the pool further requires good amount of supplies to keep it not only fresh and refreshing to swim but safe, as well.

It is therefore imperative for swimming pool owners to know the standard pool supplies to store for trouble-free usage and operation of the swimming pool.

A swimming pool by itself can hardly exist, unless it is used only for one or two days. On the third day, water becomes dirty and various microorganisms begin to thrive, rendering the pool water unfit for swimming. To preserve the quality of the water, correct water chemistry must be maintained at all times such as the PH level, alkalinity, and chlorine level.

Basic Pool Supply 1 – Chlorine

Chlorine is one of the most important supplies for the pool. This is vital for water purification. Although some pools today no longer use chlorine, they use salt instead to chlorinate the water. In this case, salt or a salt chlorinator is the one to have. Chlorine helps in preventing various types of microorganisms to thrive.

Basic Pool Supply 2 – Swimming Pool Pump with Filter

Another important component of the swimming pool is the pool pump with filter. This equipment cleans the water from debris and dirt. It also helps in the even distribution of chlorine to all corners of the pool. The pump serves to suction water from the pool and direct it to a filtration system to sort out dirt before releasing the highly-pressurized water back to the swimming pool.

Basic Pool Supply 3 – Swimming Pool Cleaners

Also important supplies are the various types of pool cleaners. Manual and robotic cleaners must be used to take out floating leaves, dead insects, and other foreign materials on the water. There are many different types of manual cleaners to choose from such as skimmers, wire mesh, strainer baskets, broom, and so on. There are also automatic cleaners to make the cleaning process a lot easier.

Basic Pool Supply 4 – Water Test Kits

As mentioned earlier, pool water needs to be well-maintained within the ideal chemistry level. One of the tests to perform is the PH level of the water. Ideally, the level should be within 7.2 to 7.8. Beyond 7.8 the water becomes too acidic that it may cause various skin problems to the swimmers. If the level falls below 7.2 the water becomes too alkaline, causing corrosion issues on the pool. Other tests to conduct are the alkalinity test, the calcium hardness test, and the chlorine tests. These tests must be done regularly, and they can only be conducted if you have the test kits with you.

Basic Pool Supply 5 – Pool Cover and Feel Fence

A pool cover is highly recommended for small to medium-sized pools. This is important in keeping the pool clean from leaves, dirt, and flying insects when it is not used. Large pools don’t need to be covered. They just have to be cleaned more often. But regardless of the size of the pool, they should have a pool fence to prevent young children from wandering to the pool unattended by adults. In most areas, a pool fence is even required if you have a pool that meets a certain minimum depth.

All these things are by no means the only pool supplies that you should have, but they can greatly help in giving you some ideas on the most important pool supply to have above all else.

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