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Having a pool in your backyard can be exciting and fun, but it also comes with the responsibility of implementing regular pool maintenance and cleaning procedures to ensure that the pool is safe for swimming. Maintenance and cleaning are relatively different. Cleaning is just part of the required pool maintenance. There are still many other procedures that need to be done other than cleaning as part of the entire maintenance process.

There are two major aspects of cleaning the pool. These are the pool water and the pool structure. It is important that the regular pool maintenance procedure must cover both aspects to ensure perfect swimming atmosphere for the swimmers. Manual cleaning of the pool can be quite tedious and labor-intensive. Fortunately, there are now pool cleaning tools and accessories that make pool maintenance easier and more convenient.

Cleaning Tools for Daily or Weekly Pool Maintenance

Pools need to be cleaned on a regular basis, depending on the situation. There are some instances that cleaning must be done daily, while other cases may require weekly cleaning of the pool. The rate of cleaning the pool is usually influenced by the available sources of pool dirt.

Swimming pools with trees nearby may require daily cleaning since they are highly prone to various types of pool dirt like dead flies and fallen leaves. All floating objects in the pool water like leaves and dead insects can be manually cleaned by collecting the dirt using pool skimmers, pool leaf nets, mesh leaf skimmer, and pool leaf rakes. Some floating leaf and dirt collectors have remote controls that make the cleaning process more enjoyable.

For the pool structure, another set of cleaning tools are used like the pool brushes and scrubs. Pool brushes come in different types with varying design, style, and size. Pumice stone can also be used to clean the concrete. This is effective in getting rid of rust, stain, algae formation, and lime on the ceramic tiles and concrete surface of the swimming pool.

Cleaning Tools for Periodic Pool Maintenance

Aside from daily cleaning of the pool to keep the pool water free from leaves and insects, the pool water needs to have periodic replacement. In this case, the water may need to be completely drained. For faster drainage of the pool water, pool cleaning tools like pool vacuum and pool hoses are used.

Cleaning Accessories for Pool Maintenance

Aside from manual cleaning of the swimming pool, you can also install some pool accessories that can significantly reduce the process of pool maintenance. Some of these cleaning accessories are the swimming pool leaf trap, fixed pool skimmer socks, and the pool water filter.

As owner of the swimming pool, it is important to know the available types of cleaning tools for the swimming pool today. This can greatly help in formulating an efficient regular pool cleaning plan, as well as periodic pool maintenance procedures that can make the pool always clean and healthy for swimming.

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