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A pool cleaner is an important tool for the swimming pool. The water in the pool needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to keep it safe for swimming. The pool water is not the only aspect of the swimming pool that needs to be cleaned regularly. The sidings of the pool and the tiles also require regular cleaning. This could mean more cleaners to acquire to keep the pool in perfect shape and ideal for swimming.

Cleaning the pool is relatively tedious, and it is time-consuming as well if done manually. Fortunately, there are now cleaning tools and equipment for the pool that tremendously reduce the cleaning time, and make the whole maintenance process very easy to do.

Pool cleaner comes in many different styles of cleaning. It is important to know some of the popular types of pool cleaners that are now available in the market today in order to better decide the ideal pool cleaner to use. To keep the swimming pool completely clean, it is recommended to own not only one pool cleaner but more.

Pool Cleaner – 2 Types According to Operation

There are two major types of pool cleaners today, according to the type of operation. These are the manual pool cleaners and the automatic or the robotic swimming pool cleaners.

Manual pool cleaners are pool cleaning equipment that requires you to clean the pool using a tool such as vacuum cleaners, pool skimmers, mesh nets, and pool rakes. These tools are great for getting rid of the pool from all sorts of debris and dirt like falling leaves and dead insects. Pool scrubs and brushes are also important for keeping the pool tiles clean.

Automatic cleaners, on the other hand, are much better because they are less labor-intensive. These pool cleaners can operate on its own via a remote control, or it can be pre-programmed to do its own cleaning tasks on the pool. A perfect example of an automatic pool cleaner is the robotic pool cleaner that automatically siphons floating debris from the pool water.

Pool Cleaner – 2 Types According to the Type of Pool

In another classification of pool cleaners, taken from the perspective of which type of pool to use it for, there are also two different types regardless if they are manual or automatic cleaners. These are the above-ground pool cleaners and the in-ground cleaners.

Above-ground cleaners are the tools to use to clean the surface of the above ground pool and the pool water surface. Examples are the dirt cleaners like the leaf and dirt skimmers, tile brush, and cement scrubs.

An in-ground pool cleaner, on the other, are cleaning equipment used to clean the water in-ground pools and the underwater tiles. Pool filters, in-ground suction cleaners, and in-ground pool pressure cleaners are excellent examples of cleaning tools under this category.

Cleaning the pool is very important for health reasons, especially among children. Cases of unintentional drinking of the pool water while swimming is high among children. Just imagine the possible consequences if the pool is dirty and the water is unsafe for swimming. It is for this reason that the pool water must be kept clean at all times.

This can be achieved by having some essential pool cleaners as stated above. Aside from safety reasons, a sparkling pool with clear water further adds swimming enjoyment to the swimmers, making it all the more important to own at least one pool cleaner for use during the regular cleaning and maintenance.

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