Pool Chemical Feeders

Are you sick of having what seems like constantly adding chlorine to your pool? Well in our busy day of having everything done for us the pool and spa industry has come up with two handy ways to have your chlorine maintenance done for you.

The first way you can add chlorine almost maintenance free is an erosion chemical feeder. This is a system where compressed chlorine in tablet or stick form is placed in the feeder and let out slowly though valves into the pool. This can be as simple as a plastic floater in which the chlorine is contacted the water by floating on the surface and entering though a slit and passing out though another slit with chlorine in it.  A more complex erosion chemical feeder is the inline chlorinator. This is a unit that is added to the filter system in which by pressure from the circulation system pushes untreated water into the canister where it runs over the compressed chlorine and gets treated. The chlorinated water then is injected out of the bottom of the canister and back into the pool. One important thing with inline chlorinators you must NEVER ADD GRANULAR CHLORINE. THIS COULD RESULT IN INJURY OR EVEN DEATH.

Another way you can add chlorine into the pool is a liquid chlorine feeder. Liquid chlorine is the worlds most commonly used chlorine but these units are rarely used in residential pools but are quite common in commercial especially older pools. The liquid chlorine is put in a giant vat and has its own motor with runs a system that injects the set amount of chlorine into the pool. So add either one of these three units into your pool system with a Nature2 cartridge and you are well on your way to becoming maintenance free.

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