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Pool table lights

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One great way to unwind with friends is to play pool. However, playing pool in arcades can be quite expensive in the long run. So to cut the expense of playing outside, you may want to revive the pool table that has been sitting in your garage for quite some time. Your pool table lights are a good way to start your journey to enjoying endless hours of pool games. Although the pool table is easy to set up, the lights may be a bit tricky, however, especially if you have no background as to which ones there are. Knowing more about the light fittings will assist you to having the perfect pool game that you and your friends enjoy so much.

Why Are Pool Table Lights Important?

When it comes to playing pool, one of the most important pool accessories that you have to take note of are pool table lights. It is one of the factors that help players to play the game efficiently; therefore, choosing the correct type of lights is extremely important.

Things To Consider When Choosing Pool Table Lights

  • length of the light should be directly proportional to the length of your pool table. For instance, length of light should be 5 inches for every foot of the billiard table, e.g., an 8 foot pool tab needs 40 inches or more
  • should be hung at a sufficient height so that light would flood the whole table when lit; ideally about 32 inches from the playing surface
  • light should be low enough so that players are not disturbed by its glare
  • metal shades, opaque glass shades or Tiffany-style stained glass shades should be chosen
  • multiple pool table lights give a dispersed, soft light to an area
  • a single large light gives a harsher but sharper light

Types of Pool Table Lights

There are different types of pool table lights to choose from. When chosen correctly, table pool lights not only jazz up your pool table but help you play well too. A few common types are:

Logo Billiard Lights

  • most common fixture found in game rooms
  • usually found in original colors and are well known for throwing these colors all over the room
  • can be customized to match your pool table’s size and room lighting requirements

Modern Lights

  • contemporary in style and can easily enhance a modern game room’s theme >aside from providing light, modern lights manage to draw attention to the billiard table

Tiffany-style Lights

  • provide classic yet modern style and colors to suit different themes
  • comes in jewel tones, chains and frosted mosaics and metals

Traditional Lights

  • more versatile in use and can match any room’s design
  • adds warmth to a room
  • decorative chandelier designs or candelabra styles add more character to the room.

No matter what style or design of the pool table lights you choose, what is important is that there is proper and equal illumination because this is the key to playing the perfect pool game.

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