Patio Furniture Materials:

Patio Furniture Materials:

Here are some materials that are commonly used for outdoor furniture


Resin is used two ways for patio furniture.  The outcome is very different for each one.

Firstly resin is probably the most common used material in lower end patio furniture.  The plastic chairs and tables are made to be inexpensive and also be disposable.

Secondly resin is used to weave over an aluminum or steel frame to simulate wicker furniture.  This resin furniture is widely available in many designs, prices and qualities.  It is now known as indoor/outdoor wicker and is very popular today for deep seating cushion furniture but is also available in dining sets.


Iron is also a very common material used in the production of patio furniture.  Iron furniture will require routine maintenance to keep it from rusting.  This will include sanding off rusting spots and recovering with touch-up paint.  The wrought iron cast look of patio furniture is very popular and has been in production for many years.


There are two types of aluminum furniture commonly available.

  1. Extruded Aluminum
  2. Cast Aluminum

Less aluminum is used in extruded as it has air holes inside of it.  This makes extruded aluminum lighter and less expensive than cast aluminum furniture.

Aluminum furniture is becoming more popular year after year.    The fact that aluminum does not rust makes it very appealing.  Aluminum is easily shaped into many different shapes and is often light- weight.  Some aluminum patio furniture is made of recycled aluminum to keep production cost low.  The higher end aluminum furniture is made from ingot aluminum.  Ingot aluminum is a pure aluminum with not other impurities in the metal.

WOOD: Wood furniture can range from pine (very soft) to teak (very hard).  The softer the wood the more prone it is to decay.  Patio made from the softer wood species is not going to hold up to the elements.  The softwood will begin to decay very quickly without a protective sealer such as paint or stain.  Teakwood is very popular because it requires very little maintenance.  Teak can be left to age naturally requiring no maintenance.  Teak will silver over time if left on sealed.

Each of the above materials has many different applications when used in manufacturing patio furniture.

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