Patio Furniture – Where To Look For Wrought Iron, Wicker Sets and Other Outdoor Furniture Sets At Cheap and Discount Prices

What Is Patio Furniture?

Garden furniture or patio furniture is a type of furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. Usually made of weather resistant materials, patio furniture is normally used for public, residential use and commercial use which include log cabins, garden sheds, gazebos, lanais, restaurants and hotel outdoor areas such as pools, saunas, play areas, on the veranda and fire pit.

How To Choose Your Outdoor Patio Furniture

There are various designs and sizes of patio furniture to choose from, both indoor and outdoor. Ranging from small to standard sizes, to tall and oversized ones. Designs vary from Mid-century,  Renaissance, retro, vintage, classic, contemporary or urban, Faux Bois, vinyl mesh, Calla Lily, Monticello, cushioned, covered, extruded, Glider, Lazy Boy and Kroger Patio Sets, and Lazy Susan garden ridge designs. Martha Stewart also has patio furniture collections namely Cardona, Miramar, Everyday, and Living Pacifica Collection 4-Piece Chat Set. For teak wood, you can choose from classic colors to Mitra green and plum.

Sunlight, rain, dust and dirt can easily damage your patio furniture; hence, you must choose carefully which type best suits your environment. Materials used in patio furniture also vary from metal, solid wood, rattan, and even synthetic wicker. It may also come in concrete, recycled plastic, poly-wood, PVC pipe, and with some in combination with stone.

Patio furniture made from resin and welded cast aluminum is ideal for people who want something more affordable and unique for their garden.  Plastic patio furniture may be the cheapest, can be moved easily and with parts that never have to be painted or worry about rust or rain.

Certain species of wood are suited for use as patio furniture such as acacia.  Although some need periodic treatment and refinishing, wooden patio furniture has been proven to stand weather elements.  Another good thing about wood is that a simple refinish will make it look new again.  Wood has also been used for furnishings and decking, picnic tables, park and lawn benches, planters, planter benches, trellis, fencing, and trash receptacles.

Teak wood patio furniture requires low maintenance.  It naturally contains silica, which makes it resistant to fungal decay, water, chemicals, fire, acid and alkalis.  Eucalyptus wood has a similar durability to teak wood but costs less than Teak.

Below are some brands and manufacturers of patio furniture:

Agio International
Allen Roth Dellinger Patio Furniture
American Home & Patio Company
Arizona Iron Patio Furniture
Ascot Teak Outdoor Furniture Miami
Ashley Outdoor Patio Furniture
Atlanta Patio and Outdoor Furniture
Belmont Outdoor Patio Furniture Collection
Boca Laguna
Boca Raton
Brown Jordan
Broyhill Furniture Velario 7pc Patio Deep Seating Set
California Patio, Ca
Carl’s/Carls Patio Furniture South Florida
Chair King Casual Furniture, Houston TX
Charlotte NC Patio Furniture
Dallas Patio Furniture
Dayva Patio Furniture
Denver Patio Furniture
Devonshire Patio Furniture
Discount Furniture Store San Diego
Fort Lauderdale, FL Outdoor Furniture
Fortunoff’s/Fortunoffs Patio Furniture
Frontgate Outdoor Furniture
Fry’s Furniture
Green Lea Garden Center, NJ
Greenforest Fireplace & Patio Co Chicago, IL
Hampton Bay Patio Furniture
Hanamint Patio Furniture
Herrington Patio Furniture
Homecrest Patio Furniture
Island Patio Furniture
Jaclyn Smith Patio Furniture
Jati Furniture Orlando
Los Angeles Patio Furniture
Louis Shanks Fine Home Furnishings Austin, Houston and San Antonio Texas
Mallin Casual Furniture
Michigan Deep Seating Patio Furniture
New River Furniture
Oasis Pools Plus of Charlotte, NC
Orange County Patio Furniture Sets
Palm Casual
Parr’s Discount Wicker, Atlanta
Patio Gallery Of Naples
Patio Pro, Raleigh
Phoenix, AZ Outdoor Furniture
Pompano Beach Outdoor Furniture
Rocky Mountain Patio Georgia (Ga)
Sam Levitz Furniture
Sam’s Club
Sams Outdoor Outfitters
Shady Cove
ShopCedar Kits and Garden Accessories
Summer House
Sunnyland Patio Furniture, Dallas
Tampa Patio Outdoor Furniture
Telescope Casual Furniture
Texas by Design
Trees n Trends Inc
Tropitone Cabana Club
Wicker Land Canada Patio Furniture

Choosing Patio Furniture Covers

Patio furniture can be a big investment and sadly, doesn’t come with its own cover. The best way to keep your outdoor furniture looking like new for years is to use protective furniture slipcovers as these will help keep the elements from taking its toll on your furniture.  There are some things to consider when selecting the right covers:

As covers are usually ready-made, choose covers that are not too loose or too tight. Before you buy, take the height by measuring from the highest point on the back of the furniture to the ground; the width at the widest point then depth from the front to the widest point on the back of the chair or seat.

Make sure coverings do not sag where water can collect as it may work its way into the furniture over time.

If you live in the rainy part of the country, get covers that are made of thick plastic or waterproof canvas. If there is relative humidity, choose covers that allow air to circulate so furniture does not become moldy.

Consider the architectural design of your home when choosing the furniture covers. For instance, garden chairs that have intricate designs do not flow well with a new contemporary building. Classic pieces such as ceramic stools, wooden chairs or iron chairs are more versatile.

Mold and mildew will damage any cushion so make sure to bring the cushions inside before covering your furniture for the season. Store them properly by cleaning them, drying them before putting them away for next use.

Mold Armor, Covermates, Koverroos, WeatherMax, and Treasure Garden are a few of the stores where supplies and replacement items such as slip fabric covers, patio cushions and pads, webbing and replacement rod for patio umbrellas can be found.

Cheap Patio Furniture

People always view cheap and discounted items as low in quality. True, cheap patio furniture sets may not have the lifespan of top-rated teak wood, but that doesn’t mean it is inferior in quality compared to luxury furniture. On the contrary, consumer reviews reveal that cheap patio furniture sets can actually be durable, sturdy and comfortable, when taken care of properly.

Today, the patio furniture marketplace is no longer limited to one type of furniture but to a vast range of styles for a large variety of needs. Whether it is outdoor classics, a conversational patio set, a bar or a bistro set for outdoors, you will find a great deal of cheap patio sets that are actually durable and long-lasting and at prices that would fit your budget.

A lot of cheap and inexpensive patio furniture deals can be found in manufacturer’s outlet stores such as Costco, Walmart, Kmart, and Sear’s. You can also check out wholesalers’ factory outlets, value stores and year-end sales.

Wrought Iron Patio Furniture

One of the excellent patio furniture styles is wrought iron. Not only does it add charm and elegance to your patio, it is also heavy duty and can last for a long time because it is made of high grade iron. A few of the advantages of using wrought iron patio furniture are:

>It comes in a variety of intricate designs and shapes and comes in colors white, forest green, black, and red.
>Can be custom designed to your preference
>It is sturdy and heavy that you don’t need to worry about your furniture being blown away by strong winds, tilting and falling down
>Perfect for all seasons; there is no need to bring it inside during winter season as it is made of material that is able to withstand harsh weather conditions.
>Fairly easy to maintain and repair; chips or cracks can be touched up by simply sanding and painting.  Rust-proof paint and sandpaper is all you need for repairing.
> Does not need frequent repairs due to its excellent resistance against weathering.

Patio Furniture Sets

Imagine yourself on the patio on a sunny day, under an over sized patio umbrella, enjoying family and friends. This is one of the priceless treasures patio furniture can offer – the privilege to relax in your own backyard or dine with friends in the privacy and comforts of your home – something a restaurant can never offer. But what type of patio furniture set should you get?

In the USA, the year 2010 trended for hot, bright color ideas such as pinks, reds, blues and yellows while 2011 featured teak wood for patio furniture. Whatever design you choose, what matters is choosing the right set that you need. For instance, if you have plans of spending a lot of extra time outdoors such as reading, you will definitely want some nice and comfortable patio chairs with thick cushioning and deep-seated chairs. . A patio conversation set will give you the most comfort if you just want to sit back and relax on your patio.

If you’re interested in outdoor dining, a dining set that is sturdy and solid and spacious enough to fit place settings, dishes and glasses is what you need. The most popular of patio furniture dining sets is the 5-piece set, which includes an outdoor dining table and 4 dining chairs. You will also find 7, 10, and even 13-piece dining sets. A small bistro set, perhaps a 3 piece set,  is suitable if the set is just for two people. The type of patio furniture set that is right for you depends on how often you will be using it, what you are using it for, and how many people will be using it at a given time

Where To Look For Discount Patio Furniture

Finding discount patio furniture under $100, $200, $300 and $500 is not a problem if you know where to look. A lot of national chain stores offer discounts on patio furniture in August or September when they are often hundreds of dollars less than the regular price.

Some people relocate and for certain reasons are not able to take their patio furniture with them. These people will often sell items at big discounts because they want to dispose of it quickly. Just make sure to inspect the furniture carefully for the condition and quality.

Finally, online shopping sites such as Ebay is often far cheaper, even with shipping which may come free sometimes. Just make sure to check return policies on replacements when purchasing discount patio furniture from an online store, just in case you will not be satisfied when your purchase arrives. Also, you may want to look for a coupon code first to take off a percentage of your order.

Wicker Patio Furniture

A lot of people associate wicker patio furniture with rattan which is not surprising as the traditional material for this type of furniture is made from rattan. However, wicker actually refers to the weave and not the material itself. On the contrary, wicker furniture can be made out of virtually any material that can be woven such as rattan or bamboo and even plastics. A few of the advantages of wicker are:

>strong and resilient; as such, is great for outdoor settings
>can be dressed up or dressed down to suit one’s mood or taste
>resistant to moisture and mold because it is naturally waterproof
>low maintenance; just wipe it off with a cloth or dust it occasionally
>easy to move around as it is lightweight
>versatile; wicker mixed with other materials such as smoked glass top looks fantastic

A wide range of wicker patio furniture includes chaises, sectional pieces, chairs, sofas, love seats and tables.

Taking Advantage of Patio Furniture Clearance Sales

Because of the high costs of patio furniture, a lot of people do not buy them. No need to despair because there’s now a solution to these problems – patio furniture clearance sales.

Patio furniture clearance sales or closeouts are where you can get value furniture pieces for really low prices. What’s even better is that finding a set to fit your budget including your taste is not impossible as closeouts offer a wide array of choices – from antique to modern pieces.

Home Depot Patio Furniture

You can save money on patio furniture if you buy from Home Depot online stores. Dining sets are usually what you will come across in home depot stores. Aside from dining sets, if you are looking for furniture that will allow you as a family to sit in a relaxed atmosphere and talk, casual seating is what you need. The Bistro collection, unlike the casual seating and the dining sets category, is somewhat new.
Patio furniture can come in a number of styles and designs; whatever you choose, as long as it suits your need, it is perfect.

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