Outdoor Wicker Furniture: Weave That’s Making Waves

Outdoor wicker furniture

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Wicker outdoor furniture creates a distinctly romantic and charming atmosphere for your outdoor living space. A lot of homeowners choose this type of furniture for its durability, affordability, ease of maintenance and distinctive style. Many people think that wicker is the material used for this type of furniture. Actually, this term refers to the method of weaving plant fiber into latticework around a frame to create a functional object, such as tables and chairs.

What This Weave is Made of

Some of the most common materials used for wicker furniture are bamboo, rattan, reed and willow. Nowadays, it is not uncommon to find outdoor wicker furniture made of synthetic materials, such as plastics and resins.

Outdoor Wicker Furniture: Not Your Weaker Outdoor Furniture

Wicker furniture may be lightweight, but don’t let this trait give you the wrong idea that it is not strong. The latticework adds to it strength despite its little weight. The process of fabricating wicker furniture resembles the process of making plywood, wherein thin sheets of low quality wood are glued together with their grains cater-cornered. What makes them different is that wicker is not rigid. This explains why it has to be woven around a frame. Teak is used as frame to brace high-quality outdoor wicker. If you are looking for a more affordable set though, choose outdoor wicker furniture made from rattan. It is shaped with steam to form the furniture frames.

Lightweight Rattan Outdoor Wicker Furniture: A Heavyweight in the Garden Furniture Landscape and the Green World

Rattan is the most widely used material for outdoor wicker furniture. Harvesting rattan is easy, plus it regrows quickly. This means that it is environment-friendly as compared to plastic garden furniture, which uses non-renewable hydrocarbons and metal garden furniture which uses non-renewable metals.

Although hardy, rattan softens when heat is applied, which makes weaving using the wicker method to shape various furniture possible. To set it to the desired shape, you just let it cool and allow it to stiffen and harden.

Because it is lightweight, outdoor wicker furniture is perfect to furnish your garden space or the grassy part of your backyard as it will not weigh the ground down, unlike heavy metal furniture that has the tendency bore through the patch of grass and can eventually topple over. On the other hand, outdoor wicker furniture with its structure and light weight stays steady on grass.

Special Treatment for a Special Outdoor Wicker Furniture

The furniture ‘evils’ that lurk in the outdoors are numerous. Eventually, the rattan and the wooden frame of your outdoor wicker furniture will rot especially when defenseless against rain and other sources of moisture. It may also be a favorite target of termites and other insects because it is made from plant material. Constant heat and sun exposure will make it dry, whereas exposure to cold will lead to brittleness.

So how do you protect your outdoor wicker furniture from such nuisances? If you intend to use rattan wicker furniture for your outdoor space, keep in mind to buy only that which has been specially treated. At the lowest end of the outdoor wicker furniture treatment spectrum is varnishing with a layer of lacquer. On the highest end is dipping in resin to coat the plant fiber against the elements, thus, keeping the rattan and wood dry and protected from weather conditions and outdoor elements until hell freezes over.

Outdoor wicker furniture may be lightweight and made of lightweight material, but with the proper execution of the wicker technique and the correct treatment, this lightweight has become a heavyweight in the field of outdoor furniture.

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