Outdoor Room design: Dining or Deep Seating Furniture?

What type of furniture should I get for my deck?

Dining or Deep Seating?

The size of patio set you will need really depends on what you want the overall project to look like.  Do you want just a dining table, or do you want an outdoor room.  Outdoor rooms have become a fun way of showing your style to your friends and family.  Outdoor furniture manufactures have made everything from dining tables to a complete outdoor room sets, including everything from sofa’s to artwork.  The collection that fits your style may be the same as the décor as inside or may be a complete departure from your everyday life inside.   Specialty patio stores will be able to take your design ideas and help you design your own outdoor retreat.

What size patio set should I get?

The patio set size you should get depends on your family and friends needs.  A dining set should be big enough to comfortably fit your immediate family with maybe a couple extra spaces for surprise guest that show up.  The time that is actually spent outside eating a meal is very little when compared to the time we all spend relaxing with our friends afterwards.

Dining and relaxing

A lot of patios will have a place for a group of 6 to 10 to enjoy dinner and then a couple of areas with lounge type seating that can be enjoyed by all.  Outdoor sofas, loveseats, and chat sets have become common place in the overall outdoor room design.  When shopping for your next patio be sure to keep in mind all the potential of your outdoor space.

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