Outdoor pool Tables

Outdoor Pool Tables

Playing pool is not just an indoor sport anymore. Pool and billiards is a fun, relaxing and social game that can be enjoyed by everyone despite age, gender or athletic ability. Traditionally, pool is played inside a billiard parlor, pool hall or game room which has a controlled environment because pool tables are mostly constructed of hard woods, slate beds, rubber cushions, and a woolen/nylon blended cloth. These construction and play features can be temperamental to elements such as climate conditions, temperature levels and humidity changes even in an indoor setting, let alone the vast and ever changing nature of an outdoor setting.

Outdoor living and Game Rooms

There are pool tables designed to accommodate the outside game room. These table features have been modified to suit outdoor conditions and offer an excellent and fun opportunity to shoot pool out on the patio, allowing a unique backdrop for one of America’s favorite socially competitive sports.

Outdoor Pool Table Cabinets

Outdoor pool tables are constructed with aluminum frames that are powder coated with a textured finish, making the cabinet of the table very strong and durable. The cabinets are also rust resistant and very long lasting, withstanding even the most tumultuous weather. These tables typically have a unibody construction with patented welds creating extra strength, smoothness and durability. The non-wood cabinets allow for colorful and unique looks and designs.

Outdoor Pool Table Play Features

The play field on outdoor tables is usually made of a treated composite resin that resists moisture. The resin-slate is very heavy and rests on the aluminum frame of the table. This is usually one single piece, keeping it seamless and easy to level for an accurate playing table.

Outdoor Billiard Cloth for pool Tables

The outdoor billiard cloth is typically a Sunbrella fabric. This is an extremely tough acrylic fabric that is custom designed for outdoor use. This fabric resists water and mildew. It is also excellent against fading and staining. The fabric is color permeated throughout which can provide years of enjoyment sustaining it’s true color and texture.

Outdoor Pool Table Rail Cushion

The rails or cushions on outdoor billiard tables are usually bonded with a high quality gum rubber for accurate rebounding and similar speeds of play as an indoor table. These cushions are wrapped or covered with the outdoor billiard cloth.

Outdoor Pockets for Pool Tables

The pockets on outdoor billiard tables are typically molded from a commercial style vinyl which promotes long life and durability.

The hardware on most outdoor tables will be stainless steel. This will help prevent any rust or corrosion.

Outdoor pool tables are an excellent and unique addition to any patio or outside living space. With the modern technologies and enhancements these tables can provide years of exciting gaming and enjoyment while withstanding the elements of mother nature.

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