Outdoor Furniture Cushions Buying Tips

Outdoor furniture cushions

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While lounging in your patio one lazy Sunday afternoon, seated in your favorite comfy outdoor chair, you wonder why you don’t feel as relaxed as you had been when vegging out in your outdoor haven. Then it hits you! Your once favorite comfy outdoor chair is no longer as comfortable as it was. Its cushion has sagged and faded. What ever happened to your outdoor furniture cushions, one thing’s for sure, they are unsightly and do not do justice to the breathtaking landscape. Aargh! You groan at the thought of how expensive it is to replace your patio furniture.

But wait! Is there really a need to replace your furniture? All that may be necessary is to replace just the outdoor furniture cushions and voila! Your chairs and lounges will be easy on the eye and comfortable for the body again. When buying a fresh set of cushions, here are the things you should be looking for:

Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions Should be Weatherproof

Just like your outdoor furniture, outdoor furniture cushions should be tough enough to withstand adverse weather conditions and elements. While you get an exquisite tan under the sun, your ordinary outdoor cushion will gradually lose its color and brightness, losing its appeal. While you seek refuge indoors when the rain pours or snow falls, your ordinary outdoor cushions will get soaked or blanketed by snow. They will slump and can get deformed by moisture. This does not have to be the case. You can go for weatherproof outdoor cushions that can put up with the impact of outdoor conditions.

Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions Should Have Low Water Retention

You can’t avoid it, your outdoor furniture cushions will get wet. Sooner or later, rain will drench your beautiful cushions. Your kid may even accidentally spill his hot choco. Your outdoor cushions may not be completely water resistant, but look for the kind that does not hold water. Otherwise, it can deform your cushions. Look for those made of fabric that also resists staining.

Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions Should be Resistant to Mold and Mildew

To continue the story of moisture on your outdoor furniture cushions above, we all know that retained moisture can spur the growth of mold and mildew. So all the more you should look for cushions that are waterproof or do not retain moisture.

Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions Should be Made of High-Performance Fabric

Not all outdoor cushions are stitched with high-performance fabric. Cushions with ordinary fabric will easily succumb to the outdoor elements. But with high-performance fabric, they can be longer-lasting. Besides outdoor furniture cushions and pillows, high performance fabric is typically used for marine interiors and for outdoor wear because of its ability to weather the different outdoor conditions. This special material can stand up to outdoor elements and spills, and is UV- and fade-resistant.

Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions Should Complement Your Existing Furniture

Of course, you should look for outdoor furniture cushions that match your current patio furniture. And when we say match, it’s not just the designs and colors that should go with the furniture, but the dimensions, as well. With all these properly chosen, your outdoor space will look stunning and inviting once more. If nothing ready-made takes your fancy, you can have your cushions custom made by a cushion maker.

Your Outdoor Furniture Cushions Should Be Comfortable

Your outdoor cushions may be tough against harsh outdoor elements, but it should retain its soft side. After all, they are more than eye candy. Yes, they can preserve their good looks, but they should also be comfortable and make you feel that you are indeed relaxing in your outdoor oasis.

Outdoor furniture cushions are no ordinary stuff. They take a beating from the harsh outdoor elements. With these pointers, you are ready to make an intelligent buying decision.

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