Organizing A Safe But Fun Pool Party

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Pool Party to End The Summer Season

As summer for the year is nearing its end, you may be intending to organize one last summer get-together to spend time with family and friends. What better way to do it than to throw a pool party. Your aim here may be to enjoy, have fun, and make the most out of the remaining warm days, but you must not forget about safety especially if there are children around. You do not want your backyard bash to be spoiled by an untoward incident that could turn it into a horrible tragedy. To ensure that you bring with you only happy memories, always see to it to observe safety first. Here are some tips on how to have a fun and safe summer ending.

Tips For a Fun and Safe Pool Party

Venue Preparations

Clean, treat and test pool water the night prior to the pool party, then keep all cleaning equipment and supplies in a safe place. If there is none already available, install lighting, in strategic places. Turn the lighting on when it grows dark. When the dusk arrives, most likely, guests, especially children, would already be exhausted and could be prone to slips and accidents. Keeping the pool surroundings well lit helps prevent untoward incidents from happening.


Engage all guests in making the preparations for the pool party. Encourage them to share their ideas on what to do and what to bring during the big event. Giving them a part in the party will help them enjoy it better and it will also lighten your load as the host. During this stage, the importance of safety must already be discussed and safety rules set.


Request guests to bring their own beach towels and chairs. This way you do not have to worry about getting enough supply of towels and chairs and clean up would be much faster after the party.

Food and Refreshments

You can make it a potluck pool party and encourage each family to bring a dish, with the reminder of observing safety measures related to the proper handling and packing of food to avoid food poisoning. You may serve alcohol but discourage a drinking spree. Intoxicated adults can become reckless and may forget to keep watch of the kids. Deliberately restrain alcohol intake or be sorry if something happens.

Fun and Games

In the planning stage, you must already have a Games Committee to conceive and facilitate the pool games. Allow only clean and safe pool toys to be used in the pool. Remind everyone to observe pool party manners. Prohibit jumping into the pool or pushing or pulling another person into the pool or under water. Kids must always be under constant adult supervision especially when in and near the pool, even if they know how to swim. Encourage them to stay within safe water depths.


What’s a party without music? Make the day come to life by assigning people to set up the sound system. Make sure that they keep a safe distance between the pool and all electrical wiring. Do not allow kids to use equipment for musical entertainment.

End of Party and Clean-up

When the party ends, make sure that no one is still in the pool. Encourage everyone to pick up trash and properly dispose them and thank them all for their presence and participation. Have the pool cleaned and treated again if there is too much debris.

The number one priority when throwing a pool party is not fun, great food, or ease of clean-up. Safety must always take precedence in the pool with or without a party.

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