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Background of NAMCO Pools

NAMCO is one of the largest pool companies supplying in-ground and above-ground pools and pool supplies with more than 42 stores all over the U.S. Their brand of pool supplies is also available in numerous retails chains across the world. Certain NAMCO pools and pool supplies can also be ordered online or through mail order. All the supplies sold by this pool company conform to the EPA standards for safety, making consumers feel assured that they are buying high-quality products that are safe for their family, pets and the environment. Nonetheless, there are quite a number of complaints about NAMCO products and the kind of service they provide. Let us take a closer look at some of these and learn from the experiences of other consumers.

NAMCO Pools and Customer Dissatisfaction 

No Installer To Install NAMCO Pool

A consumer complained of not being able to use, not even install, his newly-purchased above ground NAMCO pool because NAMCO refused to give him installer information unless he pays using a credit card or through their credit plan. This may be because the pool company is inclined to think that the installer and the customer may agree to carry out business outside of NAMCO. Hence, payment or payment plan is requisite before the company divulges installer contact details.

To the dismay of this customer, he found out that there are no freelance installers for above ground pool. So if you are planning to buy an above-ground NAMCO pool, make sure that you can install it yourself. Or, as suggested by the said consumer, try to contact installers from other pool stores first before buying the pool, that is, if you can find an installer for above-ground pools. This may also be difficult since other pool shops only have installers for their own brand of pools made available when you purchase from them.

Relatively New NAMCO Pool Malfunctions

A consumer gets frustrated about the absence of action from NAMCO when he reported that his newly-purchased NAMCO pool is not functioning normally. About three months after purchasing a NAMCO pool, the pump began to make a loud noise when turned on. After reporting to the company about what happened, they said they will send a technician to handle the concern. However, four months had passed after the report and still there is no action from NAMCO despite the customer’s numerous phone calls. He learned his lesson the hard way and vowed never to buy anything from the company again.

Ineffective Chlorine

A consumer bought granular chlorine and 3-inch pucks from a NACMO store. After putting in quantity of chlorine nearly three times than he normally would and still the tester says the pool still requires chlorine. So he asked the pool supplier to have the ineffective product replaced, but they refuse to do so. He had the chlorine and other chemicals that NAMCO sold him tested at another pool company and they confirmed that there is nothing wrong with the other chemicals save for the chlorine.

NAMCO pools are one of the significant players in the pool industry. As with other businesses, complaints against their products and services arise. However, they should properly address these issues to satisfy their customers and so that it does not go circulated in the Internet.

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