Natural Gas Inserts

Natural Gas Inserts

The other option for your fuel source is natural gas. This insert typically replaces a fireplace that was burning a gas log set. But unlike a gas log set which provides little to no heat a natural gas insert is practically a second furnace for your home that also has the ambience of a fireplace. Typically unlike wood burning inserts the natural gas inserts are flush inside the existing fireplace and do not protrude out of it.

If you have what is called a zero clearance box or pre-fab factory build fireplace that is like a metal box built into your home to hold a fireplace appliance. It is important to know what type of fireplace you do have because this will determine how larger of a unit you can install. Typically zero clearance boxes are not as big and therefore cannot hold as large of units. To determine which you have you can do the following: You can identify which type of fireplace you have by looking up at the damper area (from inside) and also by looking at the exterior of your home. A zero clearance fireplace will have a round damper and a round pipe, usually about 8-12” in diameter. A masonry fireplace will should have an orange clay liner. This can usually be seen at the chimney top from outside your home. The damper plate on a masonry fireplace is usually rectangular.

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