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Yes, we know, having your own swimming pool right in your backyard may already mean luxury for many people. However, for homeowners who are no stranger to inground pools at home, some things can spell out the difference between the regular functional backyard swimming pool and posh and luxurious backyard bliss. There are infinite ways of transforming your backyard or ordinary pool into a luxurious swimming haven. Let us dive into some of the ways homeowners put luxury into their backyard pools.

Infinity Inground Pools – Design of Luxury

When we talk about luxurious inground pools, an image of a plush and pristine infinity pool often comes to mind. The aura of elegance and sophistication it creates is simply breathtaking, gaining it entry into the realm of luxury. No doubt an infinity pool is a luxury pool as the cost of installing and maintaining this type of pool can also be expensive. It requires a strategic location with a scenic view and it requires tens of thousands of gallons of water to fill and replenish.

Spuce Up Inground Pools With Pool Accessories and Features

Besides the type and design of the pool, the finest accessories and features that are incorporated into the landscaping can spruce up the ordinary pool. The basic pool does not have all the bells and whistles that luxury inground pools flaunt. However, adding a pool accessory or two does not necessarily make a swanky swimming pool. Yes, pool accessories are one of the ways that can bring your backyard experience to the next level, but these must be from a deluxe selection of pool superfluities incorporated into upscale landscaping, whether these are stone-lined waterslides, Japanses water fountains, waterfalls, and grotto that resembles that of Hefner. For more family-oriented upgrades, you can opt to add rinsing showers, hot tubs, detachable accessories like slides, tunnels, and diving boards, and compartments for water toys.

We all very well know that backyard fun is not bound by the perimeters of the swimming pool. Add extravagance to your pool by adding high-end deck accessories, such as extensive barbecue and smoker nooks, wet bars, tiki huts, an outdoor living room, the works.

Bling-bling for the Opulent Inground Pools

If you are rolling in money which you can splurge on your backyard paradise, you can turn your swimming pool into a goldmine. Some of the wealthiest of the wealthy “bury” precious treasures deep into the waters of their pool. Have you ever taken a dip in a pool lined in gold, a pool with real diamonds or Swarovski crystals sprinkled down the pool bottom, or a pool lined with marble fountains and accessories? You may not have unless you are royalty, a famous celebrity, or an Italian businessman.

Indeed, the possibilities of making luxury inground pools are bottomless. It depends though on the size of one’s pocketbook.

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