The correct way to test Your Pool or Spa Water

Total Alkalinity and pH in Pool and Spas:

What order should I balance my pool and Spa water?

You should always test your water yourself at least twice a week. The test strips are the best way to go, can be found at any pool supply store, and are much more accurate then the old drop test systems. You may want to bring your water into a local pool supply store as well. Most will do it for free and can accurately access your chemical needs.

Balance Total Alkalinity First

Remember always balance the boss first and get your TA in the right range. When raising your TA do in small increments and test between doses. Make sure to test because sometimes when you balance your TA your pH will be balanced as well.  Run your filter for at least six hours after every dose.

Then Balance your pH

Once your TA is right you should if you still need to balance your pH. Whether your pH is high or low you can buy the proper chemicals to raise or lower it. DO NOT USE HOME PRODUCTS such as baking soda, vinegar, or anything else some told you will work. These home remedy fixes will often damage your pool or spa. Use only pool designated products bought from pool supply retailers.  A good suggestion is to go to a place where they have knowledgeable sales people that have been trained in pool chemicals not some “Big Box” store where the sales people can’t answer your questions and your pool chemicals may be inferior.

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