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Leslies Pools

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Leslies Pools has become a popular brand among pool owners and experts. As one of the largest retailer of swimming pool supplies in the world, Leslie’s Poolmart Inc. offers a complete array of pool products including supplies for above-ground and below-ground pools, pumps and filters, heating equipment, cleaning chemicals and equipment, water treatment, pool safety products, full winterizing kits, floatation devices, pool toys, poolside furniture, spas and spa products. On top of these products, you can also avail of Leslie’s in-store offers, like labor, water analysis, and seminars on pool maintenance by experts, all for free.

Leslies Pools Maintenance Products

To maintain your in-ground pool, you can choose from Leslie’s broad selection of manually-operated cleaning devices and surface skimming tools, automatic pool vacuum cleaners, replacement filter cartridges, and remote control components that enables you to control maintenance functions even when inside the house.

Leslies Pools Heating Products

Still want to swim beyond swimming season? Then you will be glad to acquire one or a few of the heating devices of Leslie’s and enjoy a dip in the warm water of your pool even without the summer sun. You can opt for solar covers and reels, solar panel systems, and other heating pumps and units appropriate for your above-ground or in-ground pool.

Products for Safety by Leslies Pool

What is a clean and warm swimming pool without safety? Leslie’s knows that you do not want to risk the safety of your family or your own. That is why, they offer safety covers, life rings, rope floats, rescue hooks, safety rules signs, first aid kits, pool entry alarm, gate and pool alarms, protective fencing, child safety latch, the whole nine yards.

Products for Relaxation by Leslies Pool

Recreation and relaxation is the whole point of having a backyard pool. To enhance the backdrop for R&R, Leslies offers portable gazebos, patio heaters, large umbrellas, hammocks and hammock chairs, poolside lighting, barbecue pits, pool fountains, water-resist floating radios, floating candles, and aromatherapy products. You can also purchase from them outdoor and indoor spas and spa products.

The pool company distributes these pool supplies and equipment through their over 400 retails stores in 36 states. You can also order through their mail-order and online catalogue facility. Delivery would take between seven to 10 days. Take advantage of Leslie’s free standard shipping on all products; only pay $7.99 for the handling charge. To conveniently survey its products or obtain a catalogue, simply call their toll-free line at 1-800-LESLIES, or register at their website lesliespool.com. Leslies can provide you with special offers, regular discounts, and links to many helpful tips and information related to the maintenance, safety and water treatment of your pool.

Leslies Pools helps make your pool clean and well-maintained, safe and conducive for swimming and unwinding, making your backyard experience more relaxing, fun and enjoyable.

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